Online Marketing Tips For Dermatologists

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Online Marketing Tips for Dermatologists

The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing a lightning speed. This is probably caused by the explosion of mobile devices and the advent of social media. Today, even dermatologists need help with their marketing. If you are working in the dermatology industry and want to stay current with your digital marketing, here are some tips about online marketing for dermatologists to keep in mind:

Develop an Email Marketing List

Dermatology practices that normally offer fillers and injectables should ideally be getting a fair share of repeat business. If this applies to your business, you should create and employ email lists. These lists allow you to offer ongoing promotions and specials, so that you can keep your patients coming back for repeat treatments. The great thing about work with email marketing lists is that they are easy to set up and their operating costs are reasonably low.

Employ Call to Action Features

A call to action is an unambiguous feature that invites your visitors to engage your practice in a certain way. It is about time that you start asking yourself what action you want your website visitors to take. Depending on your personal and/or corporate conversion goals, here are some suggestions to get you started:

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Online Marketing Tips for Dermatologists

Never Ignore Negative Online Reviews

Many business owners complain that online reviews sometimes can spiral out of control. Negative online reviews have the power to impact your flow of inbound patients. How do you deal with them? What can you do if you can’t simply remove the reviews? Some portals are unlike Google Places or Yelp. They do not allow businesses to remove or amend their reviews without a legal settlement. Want to turn the tide in your favor? Here’s what you can do:

  • If a former employee left a negative review, you can disassociate it with your practice by altering the address on that listing. A change of title works as well. Yes, the review stays but it is just not your dermatology practice’s review any more.
  • When you collect written patient surveys, be sure to include a disclaimer that informs them that they have allowed you to utilize their anonymous responses in your marketing efforts. This gives your marketing team useful reviews to employ.
  • You can consider offering discounts on a certain treatment when a patient submits positive reviews. Even a entry-level electric toothbrush can work wonders.

Make Sure Individual Services have their own Pages

Apart from building individual web pages for each of your services, be sure to make them rank in search as well! You see, not all patients search the same way. Your page strategy should include using targeted focus keywords, which makes it easier for Google to determine the validity and relevance of your page’s content. Having a few extra pages on your website might lead to dozens of extra visits in a month!

Have a Mobile Version of Your Site

An increasing number of visitors are now accessing dermatology sites via their mobile devices. Today’s dermatology sites see up to 20% of total visits originating from small tablets and mobile smartphones. That’s why mobile website design for dermatologists cannot be ignored. You should know that traditional desktop websites look rather crappy on mobile devices!