Online Dating Websites and Marketing

Elizabeth Reyn
Online Dating Websites and Marketing

Online dating has become a thing of the present. The convenience of the internet means putting yourself out there without actually going out there. Shopping for a prospective date/boyfriend/husband has become as tireless as shopping for a handbag: click on the website, peruse your options, and go have fun.

But talking to someone whose qualities are limited to what they put on their profile seems more tedious than just going out and meeting someone with a definite face and voice. Browsing an online dating website can feel equivalent to posting a resume on LinkedIn for employers to view. You’re promoting your best attributes to [hopefully one day] reach the eyes of a promising beholder.

Surprisingly though, it’s not all about you. It’s also about the website you use. It should be no secret that online dating websites that generate the most traffic are the ones who can turn visitors into users. They derive the most benefit from users who commit (pun intended) to their site and stay on it.

So what is it that makes online dating websites so successful on the marketing end? Let’s explore further.

A Unique Niche

Each website has its own take on their online dating niche. Their service is online dating targeting singles, marrieds, friends, casual partners, etc. with a specific aspect that differentiates the websites from one another. OkCupid prides itself on being “the best free dating site on Earth” while promises to be “#1 in dates, relationships, and marriages”. Online dating websites use their own respective specialty to reach prospective users.


Sometimes people just don’t have the time to go too far out of their way to meet people. They may want a relationship, but are too consumed by work or school to make the effort themselves. The biggest selling point of online dating websites is its convenience. They offer people the time and resources to look for someone from the comfort of their own bed.


People use online dating websites for fast and hopeful results. Users would not stay on a website that is complicated or unclear to use. Online dating websites increase user experience by making their surveys or questions as easy to fill out as possible with the guarantee that there will be something exciting on the other end of the “Submit” button.