On-Brand SEO Copywriting Drives Conversions

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

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When writing content for websites, an aspect that is often ignored or neglected is writing brand content that is SEO-friendly yet appealing to one’s customer base. One of the main goals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase the amount of conversions. As such, this article will explain how to achieve these conversions by knowing the importance of branding.

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The Importance of Branding

Although branding for big businesses is undeniably important, customers in this day and age want to feel that the websites that they visit are personalized and have good brand image. As such, it is not sufficient to only focus on driving traffic or sharing of your website on various forms of social media. It is imperative that your relationship with your customer is built based on trust and makes you seem reliable.

SEO copywriting consists of knowing your target audience in a way that is SEO-friendly and persuades your audience. You have to ensure that your content is of high standards while being informative and accurate. Additionally, your brand message is important to maximize the chances of success of your SEO copywriting. This allows you to clearly see your audience needs and the actions you want them to take to improve the quality of your website.

Finding Your Own Brand Message

Finding a brand message is a crucial step in any business and needed for the long-term sustainability of your brand. The lack of a brand message makes SEO copy way too vague without promoting the true nature of your business. As such, given that users end up on your website, they might not have a clear picture as to what you are offering and how it is relevant to their lives. Without this picture, they will not take any further action to improve your brand. Below are some questions to consider while building a good brand message.

What sets your product apart from others?

You have to let your audience know why they should choose your brand! Chances are you’re selling a service or a product that is not unique to the market. Therefore, it is only wise that you elaborate on what makes your brand different from competitors.

Who exactly is your target audience or customer?

Oftentimes, we target customer groups that are too general and give insufficient information about how to go about creating a brand message. What you want to do is be more specific in who you want to reach out to. This involves finding out about their needs and wants, their interests and even the problems that they face. Following these new pieces of information, you can then incorporate them into your SEO copy.

What kind of writing style and tone would appeal to your audience?

After finding out exactly who your audience is, it is important to develop a writing style that is appropriate for them. Your content should be personalized and well thought out FOR the customer.