Have You Noticed These New Google Ads Features Yet?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Have You Noticed These New AdWords Features Yet?

If you are running and managing PPC ad campaigns, you may notice that Google has rolled out a lot of new Google Ads features. Haven’t got a clue what they are? Fret not for here’s a quick recap of some of the significant features.

Display Ads (Responsive)

Google has released a responsive ad builder for individuals that need help with creating banners for Google Display Network use. PPC advertisers can now select a business name, logo, and image as well as a 25-character or 90-character headline. This headline will show only when the ad space allows. Oh let’s not forget a 90-character description line. Once you have input all required information, Google will proceed to display/rotate ads that fit within that ad space.

Can’t find Responsive Display Ads? Simply head to display campaign > Ads Tab. Make sure you click +AD to trigger the option for responsive ad. Another benefit that the responsive ad builder provides is a preview option. What’s more, you will be able to implement your ads directly from the easy to use interface.

Structured Snippets

These structured snippet extensions are recognized as enhanced versions of call-out extensions. These extensions allow advertisers to provide more information about their business’ offerings. For example, you can talk more about the styles of clothing available on your online store, models you sell, amenities you offer, brands you carry, and more. Some of the items in structured snippet lists include:

  • Types
  • Styles
  • Shows
  • Service catalog
  • Neighborhoods
  • Models
  • Insurance coverage
  • Destinations

New Price Extensions

If you have been finding ways to display extra product information and take up more real estate in search engine result pages at the same time, look no further than Google’s new price extension. This wonderful extension allows advertisers to provide pricing info about service or product they are offering. What’s more, each price extension listing is linked to its corresponding page. From services to brands and events to neighborhoods, you will be able to find a type of offering that represents your business the closest. Again, make sure you utilize all the space these extensions allow.

Separate Bidding Modifiers

When Enhanced Campaigns were first released by Google, there were mobile bid modifiers. Today, you will be able to place separate bid modifiers on computers, tablets, and – wait for it – mobile devices! Hey, it’s about time isn’t it? With this feature, you can select which device to be your base bid as well as adjust down other bids. Depending on what your business is, you should always expect visitors and customers to make different choices when on different devices. Take advantage of separate bidding modifiers and bid accordingly.

Expanded Text Ads

With Google’s recently launched search text ad format, you will be able to fit in more text per ad and leave a bigger footprint on search engine result pages. Also known as ETA, expanded text ads are nearly 50% bigger than traditional ad formats. I.e., you have an expanded 80-character description line as well as two headlines. When you fill in the additional headline, always make the effort to write something unique and compelling. In addition, don’t forget to work in new value propositions and calls-to-action too.