What Are The Next ‘Big Things’ In Internet Marketing And Web Design?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


Internet marketing and web design are changing all the time. Of course this makes sense, seeing as both are reliant on technology, the very nature of which changes and evolves over time. But while the change itself is predictable, knowing precisely what the future is going to bring is much more uncertain. This makes running a business site something of a guessing game, as you constantly second-guess what’s going to work for your company in the future and ensure your site is able to meet those fresh challenges. Read on and we’ll take a look at what some of the ‘next big things’ might well be.

Responsive Design 2.0

Responsive design first emerged when people started viewing websites on devices other than their desktop computers, i.e. smartphones. Now websites need to look good on a range of displays and thus sites are designed in order to ‘adapt’ to whatever display they’re being viewed on.

But while responsive design is big now, it’s likely to change and evolve somewhat in the coming months and years seeing as we’ll be using the web through an even wider and more diverse range of devices. Apart from anything else, we can expect smartwatches and even Google Glass to play a role in shaping the future of responsive design.

Personalized Websites

Further than this though, we might see a kind of responsive design that responds to elements other than screen size. The future of responsive design could well be websites that change shape depending on the nature of the article, the images being used or even the time and place you’re looking at them. Imagine a website that constantly feels as though it is tailored to you.

The Internet of Things

Beyond responsive design adapting to smart watches and other devices, it will also one day need to adapt to displays on bathroom mirrors and coke cans. Technology is getting small enough and cheap enough that soon it will be inserted into everything.

And that doesn’t just have implications for web design. It also has huge implications for marketing, as we could one day see moving and interactive adverts cropping up on all of our devices and even household items.

Augmented Reality

Before that though, marketing is likely to move into wearables in a different way: allowing us to see adverts ‘overlayed’ on top of the real world through our glasses, or even getting context-relevant ads through our watch. Augmented reality marketing may not be the very next thing, but when it comes… it will be huge.

Really though, there are countless articles on ‘the next big thing’ on the web and all of them say different things. Forbes, for instance, believes that ‘collaborative marketing’ could be the next big thing in online marketing.

The point is, that we don’t know what the next big thing is. And you know why that is so? Because the next big thing depends on us and the great ideas we have now. Be forward thinking and creative; perhaps you won’t stumble on the next big thing… you might just invent it.