Never Let A New Potential SEO Client Go Again

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Never Let A New Potential SEO Client Go Again

As an SEO agency owner or SEO consultant, chances are you might be thinking of ways to get new clients. Today, you can find many different sources that share too much advice around new marketing ideas or new marketing funnels. Things that are not talk about enough is what you need to do when you actually convert a visitor into a real contact on your website.

We are not just talking about a lead. Leads could just be email addresses that mean nothing. What we are referring to are marketing qualified leads that are going to be converted into sales qualified leads. The goal is to turn the latter into a new client. Let’s find out how you can avoid letting a potential SEO client go too soon:

Ensure Lightning Quick Response Time

The first rule of sales in this line of business is that you increase the chances of closing a prospective client into an actual client, by replying as early as possible. Your response does not need to be complex or sophisticated. You can use something as simple as a template response within your CRM of choice. Make sure that you include these three main points at minimum:

  • Schedule a phone call as quickly as possible
  • Acknowledge the projects prospective clients are interested in
  • Respond quickly and thank them for contacting you

If someone contacts you, they are already interested. Do not let them have second thoughts about working with you.

During the First Call

When it is time to talk, be sure to schedule the call for approximately half an hour. You should make use of the time by gaining a detailed understanding for their project. This allows you to pick out qualified leads that are suitable for your business. After determining they are a good it, you can move them forward in your sales process. Here are other main points you need to cover during the initial phone call:

  • Their business model and its profitability
  • Type of project they are looking for (a service, a strategy, or a hybrid)
  • Internal team structure
  • Knowledge of marketing channel they are asking about
  • Budget and timelines

Before ending the call, remember to thank your caller for their time and set expectations about your next steps, e.g. when they can expect to hear back from you.

After the First Call

Now, your real work starts. Let’s say that the first call with your prospective client went well. You will need to follow up with the initial point of contact via email to reiterate your next steps and recap the call. To make your job easier, you can take notes with your preferred CRM that’s integrated with your email system. Start reviewing their project and other site metrics to identify areas that allow you to add necessary value. You need to make sure that the project can be completed within the budget they have laid out for you. Only then you can decide if you should continue pitching for the SEO project or pair them up with another suitable candidate.

Decide Whether to Pitch or Not

Sales is a process that involves identifying the right prospects and optimizing one’s time to focus on the clients you want to sign. Ideally, you should know who your ideal customer is, in terms of work they need, the marketing channel(s), and the budget. Some of the no-no’s to avoid are:

  • Client will go out of business unless they get help
  • Previous SEO agencies they worked with did not panned out well
  • Lack of resources to get things done
  • Low or zero budget
  • Unrealistic timelines and expectations

You are not obliged to pitch every project that falls into your lap. Just do not let a prospect that is a good fit go. There is a difference! The project you undertake should meet your minimum project budget, provides outsized returns, and is within your core competency.