Must-Have Website Design Elements For Martial Arts Schools

martial arts school

Martial arts websites now serve a different function than two decades ago. They should be a visual and digital representation of your brand. Your website must contain dynamic content and be SEO-optimized, so that potential students can easily find you on Google and other popular search engines. Here are some must-have website design elements for your martial arts school:

Real-Life Images

You are not in the wrong if you use stock photos. There are many stock photos that look awesome, but they may not always be in the best position to represent your martial arts school. If possible, consider investing in the services of a professional photographer. Arrange for him or her to drop by your school to take beautiful pictures of your team and other images you need. You can also take the opportunity to highlight your space and community. If a class is in session, be sure to snap photos of sifu and student interactions.

Evergreen Content

A website should be consistently updated with dynamic and evergreen content. Many people tend to look up websites to check opening hours, special closures/events, etc. It is your job to make sure such information is communicated effectively. Other important forms of content include blog posts and news. For example, you can write a post about a recent tournament and also congratulate everyone who participated from your school. There are so many possibilities to explore!

Mobile Responsiveness

Wherever we go, we will at some point during our journey pick up our phones to surf the Internet. Hence, it is pertinent that you opt for a mobile-responsive website design. Your site’s design should be able to adapt to any format and device. Think responsiveness is a trivial matter? Wrong! Google ranks responsive websites better than unresponsive ones. They need modern websites to continually deliver stellar user experience. Don’t risk getting into the bad list of search engines!

Social Media Integration

Did you know that social media is where the majority of a business’s inexpensive marketing will happen? It’s true! You should ensure that you are guiding potential martial arts students towards your social media accounts. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, you should show a more personal view of your martial arts school. If you have implemented social media plugins on your website, make sure those links stay up to date.

Online Store and Booking System

You do not have to wait for students to physically visit your store to make a purchase. An online store can help add an extra layer of revenue to your pro-shop. If you are short on dojo space, this is a stellar solution for boosting sales. Next, let’s take a quick detour and relook the mobile issue, i.e. more people heavily depend on their smartphones or tablets. You should aim to have your school’s services readily available for purchase on their devices so that you can increase conversion rates. Develop and implement a reliable booking system that allows them to make a commitment, i.e. book and pay for a class.