Mortgage Lender Advertising Best Practices

Renee Holden
Renee Holden

PPC Analyst

Mortgage Lender Advertising

PPC advertising (or pay-per-click) is one of the best ways for mortgage lenders to find their target audiences via targeting features of Google, Facebook, and other search engine platforms. PPC is also an excellent solution for  experimenting with different mortgage lender advertising strategies and determining which option works best for their prospects.

The main goal of PPC advertising for mortgage lenders is to find people searching for lenders or information about mortgages online. The online marketer must provide this audience with information on the lender’s specific value offers and general information on loan types. This allows prospective clients to easily compare their options. 

Below are five tips for improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency ofyour PPC campaign, including generating quality mortgage lending industry leads.

Make User-Friendly Forms

The intake form is one of the most critical aspects of marketing for mortgage lenders. A broken or unclear form can significantly impede lead generation and prevent potential clients from reaching out to you. It is also essential to have a form that asks the right questions, so lenders can accurately follow up with the lead. Ideally, follow-ups should occur within 24 hours after a lead form is submitted to prevent losing prospects.

Create A Landing Page For Every Offer

When it comes to PPC advertising, landing pages provide leads with more information about the topic they are researching. Oftentimes, individuals looking for a mortgage loan will explore multiple loan types. Therefore, it is important to create landing pages that provide a detailed overview of your loan programs. Key aspects to include on a landing page include rates, loan terms, and the best audience for each loan type.

Add Trust Symbols To Your Landing Pages

Buying a house is a big deal. Expect your prospective leads to research multiple lenders before making a purchase. Featuring trust symbols on your website helps build trust among visitors. These trust symbols may include:

  • Reviews from previous clients
  • Total lending amount to date
  • Information about your lenders and their areas of expertise
  • Awards and business accolades

Use Dynamic Insertion For Locations

People looking to buy a home often search for lenders in their area. Using dynamic keyword insertion in your ad copy to target your audiences’ ideal locations can increase your click-through rate on search engine results pages.

Add More Ad Extensions

Mortgage lending is a competitive industry where many lenders rely on PPC advertising. To increase your chances of being seen on the search engine results page, add images, site links, and call extensions to your ads. The goal is to make your ads stand out from your competitors. Research other lenders to see how your ads can uniquely highlight your best services.

PPC is a competitive marketing strategy in the mortgage lending industry because many prospective lendees turn to Google and other search engines to research loan options. By actively managing campaigns and following the aforementioned best practices, advertising teams can quickly grab their audience’s attention, provide valuable information, and build trust with prospective clients.If you want to improve your PPC campaign and generate more leads for your business, contact SmartSites to perform an account audit or hire an experienced PPC Analyst to manage your account. SmartSites has helped hundreds of businesses like yours to maximize their return on PPC advertising. Schedule a free discovery meeting to see how we can help you today!