Midtown Root Canal Launches Fresh Dental Practice Website

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


Dr. Alen C. Jakob and his team at Midtown Root Canal have revamped their website, designed with simplicity in mind.

Before the client approached SmartSites, Midtown Root Canal was managing their own website. The problem with the older website was that it featured an outdated design. Dr. Alen C. Jakob and his team realized that having an outdated website itself was not the only issue. It was also sending a negative message to potential customers.


Customers often look to businesses for solutions to their problems; dental treatment solutions. If they chance upon a neglected site, the customer may feel that the company may not care about the things he or she really wants. This can cause one’s credibility to take a nose-dive.

The client knew that they had to keep up with the latest developments in their industry. The Midtown Root Canal team, however, did not possess the necessary website design and development expertise to update their site. That’s when SmartSites, an NJ-based digital marketing agency, was contacted.

During the initial consultation with Midtown Root Canal, our team explained that there are lots of benefits to be yielded by dental practices that are cutting-edge and forward-moving, especially in the world of online marketing. Fortunately, Midtown Root Canal was quick to understand the concept of having and maintaining a professional-looking website. SmartSites’ web design and development team wasted no time and started developing plans to upgrade our client’s website.

After considering several website templates, our client found the look they have always wanted in a corporate website: modern; black and white; responsive, user-friendly, and simple. Modernizing the site this way allowed them to reflect the state-of-the-art and high-quality dental care that was provided at Midtown Root Canal.


Now, when visitors first enter the website, they will be greeted with a simple black-and-white color scheme and a clean design that enables easy navigation through various informational pages. Each section of information is positioned in an organized manner without distracting elements surrounding it. This helps eliminate frustration, which may occur if a visitor is unable to find the information he or she needs within a certain time frame.

When the user hovers his or her mouse over the SERVICES tab in the top menu, a drop-down list appears and allows the individual to locate the specific dental treatment details they seek with greater ease. By allowing one’s customers to educate themselves on virtually any dental treatment they might need, the process of working with customers will become smoother and they will set more realistic expectations.

A wide variety of photos are also featured throughout the client’s website, including images of dental equipment, staff members, and more. This is important because it helps the potential customer to feel well-assured, after knowing that they are dealing with a reputable, friendly, and approachable dental treatment center.


With the recent launch of Midtown Root Canal’s new responsive website design, Dr. Alen believes prospective and current patients can better benefit from having these enhanced resources at their fingertips.

Feel that it’s high time that you redesigned your website? If you want to boost the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your website, don’t hesitate to contact SmartSites today and schedule a non-obligatory consultation with us.