Mickey Parts Launches Redesigned Online Shop!

Elinor Cohen
Elinor Cohen

Senior Content Editor

Mickey Parts Launches Redesigned Online Shop!

North Carolina truck parts supplier unveils newly designed online shop by local web team SmartSites!

The purchase of a truck may seem like a daunting task; after researching the many companies in your surrounding area, and deciding on Mickey Truck Bodies (of course), the search appears to be over. For the truck company, however, this is hardly the case. Manufacturing the truck, and going further into the literal nuts and bolts is often an arduous process, but one that must be done. That is exactly what Mickey Parts handles.

A brand of parent company Mickey Truck Bodies, Inc., Mickey Parts is the behind-the-scenes arm to all things needed to create one of these monster vehicles. Offering a huge inventory of stock parts, Mickey Parts provides not only accessories for the trucks they produce, but also custom parts and previously-owned items at discounted rates. With so much to offer to the market, it was only fitting that they have a website to support it!

Bergen County- based SmartSites previously designed Mickey Parts’ parent company’s website, MickeyBody.com. With an understanding of the market, and an already-developed relationship with the company, it only made sense for SmartSites to take on this redesign as well and keep the partnership running strong. The build of this site, however, presented its own set of challenges. In addition to transferring backend platforms (the old site was built on Volusion, and the new site is Magento 2.0), user experience was also of utmost importance for the shop. The site had to be well planned out and easy-to-use, especially because it is Ecommerce. This meant very specific product category breakdowns, planned out meticulously and implemented in the navigation bar.  


Still, they couldn’t stop there. Because Mickey interacts with clients from so many different walks of life, SmartSites included a resource center where downloadable PDFs could be accessed. Now manuals and additional information can be found with the click of a button, freeing up the Mickey team to tend to their more strenuous tasks.

In addition to the individual parts that the site sells, the team also wanted it to be known that they offer reconditioning services as a feature of the business. Reconditioning could include work such as truck body work, chassis modifications, on-site estimates, and safety inspections. This important aspect was not to be overlooked, and because of that, SmartSites built in an entire section of the site dedicated solely to Mickey Parts’ reconditioning services.


The new parts site links easily back to the Truck Body site, and integrates extremely well. Moving forward, the SmartSites team will continue to host the website through their sister company T35 hosting, as well as perform ongoing SEO and Magento / WordPress Maintenance. With the partnership going strong, it’s only a matter of time before other industrial businesses see more developments from these two companies.

To learn more about Mickey Truck Parts, or to purchase directly from the site, head over to MickeyParts.com or speak with one of their representatives at (877) 989-7010 today!