Making Your Cost-Per-Clicks In Google Ads More Affordable

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content


In order to maintain a competitive edge and succeed in one’s online advertising efforts, he or she must actively find ways to lower the cost-per-clicks in Google Ads. When it comes to lowering CPC, one needs to consider his or her targeted location, products, and industry. There are, however, general methods to employ and below are some of them:

Consider Key Factors When Adjusting Bids

There is a general agreement that bids should go beyond keywords. PPC marketers are recommended to consider which location helps drive higher-quality traffic, what devices are used the most, the time of the day that has the highest conversions, and which days drive the most traffic and leads. By considering these factors, you can determine if your ads are being showed and boosted on the right devices, e.g., smartphones, pause ads on days that do not bring in any sales, and more.

Optimize Your Quality Score

Quality Score (QS) has a direct correlation on one’s PPC success. One can reduce his or her Cost Per Click by improving the Quality Score. If your ads and keywords have a high QS, Google and other popular search engines can better decide that your advertisements are the best option for customers who are browsing the Internet for a particular product or service. In addition, these search engines will reward you with cheaper clicks. Below are some techniques that can help increase an ad’s Quality Score:

  • Tighten related ad groups: Relevancy is an important criterion to Google. Consider setting up a campaign with tightly themed lists of ad groups and keywords that highlight a product’s special features.
  • Create more than one landing page: Landing page experience is one of the factors used by Google to calculate a site’s Quality Score for keywords.
  • Increase ad relevancy: Start improving an ad’s relevancy by including keywords from the ad group into the ad’s description and headline.

Use More Keyword Variations

Without a big Google Ads budget, it’s important to bid on highly competitive keywords such as florists, bakeries, chauffeurs, and more. Although generic keywords seem to make the most sense, they already have a lot of bidders. That’s why it’s important to seek alternatives such as long tail keywords, e.g., auto mechanic online, auto mechanic near me, car mechanic near me, affordable auto maintenance services, and more. These types of keywords have higher Quality Scores and are one of the most effective ways to lower the average cost-per-click in Google Ads.

Simply Lower Your Bids

Lowering one’s bids is the most basic way to decrease the average CPC of a Google Ads campaign. This method gives Google a lower Max CPC to charge for every click that your ad receives. The ad, however, must have an average position that is better than 3.0 and is currently limited by budget. You can then afford to lower the bids on these ads. Today, there are several tools that can help ease the task of lowering bids, including Automated Bidding and Machine Learning.