Making Your Addiction Rehab Website Navigation-Friendly

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Making Your Addiction Rehab Website Navigation-Friendly

When it comes to designing an addiction rehab website, the web design focus should be on logical organization and simplicity. It is pertinent that one creates an obvious, consistent navigation since most users are impatient and do not want to spend much time looking for answers. Here are some useful tips to make your site easy to use and keep visitors returning so that you can convert them into your clients!

Decide What Your Site Objective Will Be

Some people tend to miss this step: deciding what he or she wants to accomplish with their website. It is pertinent that you decide what information you want to show your visitors the most, know what activity you would like to see on your pages, etc. You should only start to create a rough prototype of your site once you have narrowed the aforementioned down. A simple graphics program or just the good ol’ pen and paper will be apt for the job. For most websites, drawing out hierarchical or tree-like information architecture is an excellent way to organize your information. Do remember to include elements such as Home, About Us, Photos, Contact, and Team/Staff members.

Try to Keep Things Simple

For addiction rehab website structures, “less is more” is a concept that can be applied. Make sure that you have researched your target market well and fully understand what you wish to accomplish on your site. From there, you will know what pages you need. A good measure is to keep within the range of having about seven main navigation menu items. If the end result is having three layers of flyouts and dropdowns, you may need to start over.

Consider the Needs and Wants of Your Visitors

You need to think about your visitors, what they want, what they are looking for, what they usually see when surfing the Internet, and what they find that’s easy and familiar. When it comes to addiction rehab website design, you should contemplate the mentality of your potential visitors and what they might expect from your website. Your target market of visitors and you may have different views on what logical is. That’s why, understanding their mental models and structuring your site’s content according to that information is essential.

Perform Thorough Research Beforehand

To avoid hiccups after project commencement, it is a good idea to reference what other sites are doing with their navigation. A good structure always possesses familiarity; stick with what your target audience already knows and uses. Change is only accepted when your users know that they can adapt and there are benefits to doing so. Go on, and get inspired!

Ensure Consistency

If you specialize in addiction rehab, being whacky with the design of your navigation is not recommended. A recommended route is to opt for a pleasant, functioning navigation that is minimalistic and easy to use. There has to be a consistent use of colors and fonts as well. Before you launch your site, make sure that the navigation is the same throughout the site.