Doing Local SEO Can Help Your Moving Company Beat The Competition

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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Doing Local SEO Can Help Your Moving Company Beat The Competition

As a moving business owner, even if you have a website, it is simply not enough to dominate your local client base unless you invest in SEO – well, more specifically, local SEO. What you want is the top rankings in the search engine when potential customers search for moving services in your locality. Have you explored the power of doing SEO for moving companies?

Local SEO and Moving Companies

For starters, you will need to develop a dynamic strategy that involves a thorough understanding of your audience, careful analysis of your competition, and then adjusting your website optimization to these needs. With that said, it is important to note that nearly 50% of local mobile searches often result in a store/office visit within the same day. Most of these consumers are usually ready to procure a product or service. Hence, you might want to specifically consider local SEO as it significantly improves your chances at increasing foot traffic for your location-based business.

Interested in bringing in more customers? Here’s what you need to do to gain a competitive edge over your competition:

Local SEO Optimization for Moving Company to Beat Competition

What Should You Do for Local SEO?

  • Keep track of latest local SEO practices

The SEO landscape is always changing. Apart from keeping up your own SEO efforts, you must constantly be aware of new updates and amendments to the search engine algorithms. Google releases new updates, patches, bug fixes every so often, and their impact sends shockwaves to companies of all sizes. Hence, you would want to keep yourself in the SEO loop for obvious reasons.

Today, simply keeping up one’s SEO efforts is often insufficient. You must also stay up to date with any changes to the algorithms of major search engine. The impact of Google’s updates can be felt in companies of any size and are being released pretty regularly.

  • Perform keyword research and targeting

One is only able to write relevant content after conducting a thorough keyword research. Featuring keyword-rich content on your site is an effective way to attract the right type of traffic. For example, you may be targeting users who are further into your sales funnel. You will need to create content with long-tailed keywords.

  • Update your information in all local listings

No matter how many local listing options are available to you, you need to ensure that all of them have up-to-date information. Key data such as your working hours, phone number, office/email address, and company name, etc. should be consistent across all local listing platforms.

  • Feature evergreen content

One of the most important aspects of any digital marketing campaign is content – evergreen content. Content that is constantly useful and engaging normally achieve higher rankings and attract more qualified leads.

  • Keep an eye on your competition

Sometimes you do not know where to start when it comes to local search. In these situations, you should study your local competitor to gain valuable insight from their efforts. Focus less on superficial stats and more on important factors like how they build backlinks.

  • Optimize all published content on website

Writing new content is only half the job in the SEO world. You need to check keyword performance, traffic, and other metrics regularly. A combination of optimized old content and fresh content can help your moving company rank higher on Google, attract more traffic and drive more leads down your sales funnel.