Learn How To Lower The CPA For Your PPC Campaign

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Learn How To Lower The CPA For Your PPC Campaign

Of course, every business owner wants more leads, but what if the main problem is not just about generating leads? What if the most immediate problem that needs to be tackled is an unprofitable PPC campaign? If that is the case, it is pertinent that you start finding ways to lower the CPA for your ongoing PPC campaign. Here are some tips that can come in handy:

Ensure the Relevancy of Your Ad Text

Receiving click-through rates is a good thing as it may indicate that you are driving more traffic. However, there is a better way to lower CPAs. You can start analyzing your existing ads’ text and look out for those that are driving too much irrelevant traffic. If you manage to find ads with a high CPA, you need to ask yourself if you are being too vague with the messaging. The road to PPC success may become clearer when you create more specific ads that syncs well with your landing page. If you can improve your CPA and qualify out bad clicks, surely you will encounter fewer stray clicks.

Revise Your Offer Types

You may have the habit of distributing freebies from time to time, in an attempt to drive more leads. It seems like you are getting results but you still need to keep an eye out for inefficiencies in your offer strategy. Let’s say that you are currently offering white paper downloads. You are also converting at a level that is deemed as acceptable by you. Do you know if you are converting at an acceptable rate to sale? You may want to take various types of traffic that are not converting in a profitable manner and try pushing them to a different offer. Sometimes creating new leads may only drive down your CPA. So, this is something you need to be aware of.

Increase Your Ads’ Quality Score

While you attempt to increase lead volume, you should never neglect increasing your ads’ quality score. One does not simply tweak his or her ads. You need to achieve better campaign structures. You may want to break down your paid search campaigns so that you can create more relevant and tighter keyword groups. This helps enhance the clickability and effectiveness of your ad, which then leads to increases in quality score as well. This also translates to lower costs per conversion and per click as well as a pricing discount.

Target More Specific Keywords

A popular method of generating more leads is to expand one’s keyword list through extensive keyword research. However, you should refine your keyword list as well, if you want to lower your PPC campaign’s CPA. You can start finding more specific keywords from the following methods:

  • Facilitating long tail keyword research
  • Finding inexpensive traffic by utilizing broad match
  • Mining search queries

Another great way to lower one’s CPA is to lower and/or kill off bids on shorter or head terms.