Learn How Influencers Tackle Social Media Marketing

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

social media marketing

Today, Instagram influencers have thousands of followers loyally interacting with their content and listening to their recommendations. If one owns a brand, it can be beneficial if you add influencers’ tactics into your social media marketing mix. Below is a quick look at several methods that can help create a greater impact in the hearts and minds of potential customers.

Publish Short and Engaging Videos

Video shooting and editing are important skills within the influencer community. Today, approximately 90 percent of consumers confirm their buying decisions via videos. Small business owners, however, have nothing to fear because one does not need to be a professional to capitalize on this powerful trend.

It depends on the content in the videos. Create a seamless narrative and aim to achieve a good flow. You can cut clips so that they hit to the beat of a catchy song. It’s important to keep in mind that most audiences don’t expect to watch a Steven Spielberg-styled video on Instagram. Simplicity is the way to go!

Go with the Flow-Gorithm

Standard and sponsored posts on Instagram must be able to engage one’s followers within the first hour of posting. This way, your post can remain easily discoverable and highly visible. Instagram’s algorithm often prioritizes worthy content. Dwell times, comments, and likes are elements that send a strong signal to the system that your posts are of that caliber.

That’s why many influencers choose their timings carefully. After posting, you need to actively respond to any comments that your posts get and continue the conversation. Dealing with a smaller community? Don’t worry. There’s no disadvantage at all. If you meaningfully engage with smaller communities, you can still establish solid connections and boost your reach.

Stay Focused on the Targeted Channel

Influencers focus on creating content specifically for channels that they are predominantly targeting. They also think in snappy captions and grids. One can’t get strong results if he or she stretches their assets across countless channels. One has a better chance of captivating audiences if they focus their assets on channels, such as Instagram or Instagram-first.

Remember, one only has a split second to stop thumbs from scrolling past your post. It needs to grab your audiences’ attention during that limited timeframe. Ensure that your images are positioned front and center. Additionally, these images can be shot in specific styles that are popular among Instagram communities, e.g. overhead flat lays. Adding animations and GIFs may work wonders too.

Keep Track of Your Audiences’ Responses

Proactively engaging with one’s audience offers many benefits. By reading and replying to comments that your posts attract, you can better understand the lives that potential customers live and social media habits. This allows you to strategically publish your posts at the correct times, when they will most likely be seen. You can utilize Instagram Stories’ poll feature to find out what your followers want to see more of. Remember, everyone’s Instagram rush hour is different. You need to also account for different time zones.

Implement a Unique Aesthetic that Triggers Brand Recall

Brands need to develop a unique, signature aesthetic that blends within their wider feed in a cohesive manner. This ensures that their work is instantly recognizable. You may need to stick with a certain content theme, color range, etc. that compliments your individual look. Spend sufficient time to ensure that each of your images are beautifully curated. The top nine photos are the ones that make the first impression.