Why Kickstarter is Crucial for Marketing Creativity

Elizabeth Reyn

Kickstarter is currently considered the largest global crowd raising the platform for funding creative projects. Artists, musicians, writers, filmmakers, and theaters are among many that reach out to the public for assistance on giving their creative projects a chance to live. Prospective donors who believe in the individual and his/her work provide a monetary contribution in support of the project.

Artists and Kickstarter

Considering the difficulty that aspiring artists face when trying to secure funding for their projects, I think Kickstarter is a great outlet for them to seek others who have the means to back the project. This not only forms a community of like-minded individuals who care about preserving the creative arts, but it allows artists to be able to show their work to the public.

The most recent example of Kickstarter success is Zach Braff’s film Wish I Was Here that hit theaters last Friday. Braff turned to Kickstarter, stating that using a fundraising platform would allow him full creative control over his work. His request for support paid off when the project received $3 million in donations. Donors receive a pay-off in gifts depending on their level of donation, which includes but are not limited to t-shirts, tickets to screenings, and an opportunity to participate in a Q&A with Braff.

What Does Kickstarter Have to Do With Marketing?

In addition to funding, Kickstarter also offers an opportunity for others to see an artist’s work. While the marketing side of Kickstarter is mainly and initially self-promotion, getting the word out about a project could lead to more fruitful opportunities. A donor who believes in the success of the project may put a chunk of money down towards the project. Another donor who saw the platform and has a connection to a publishing house or a theater company means that the project has the potential to draw a wider audience.

One of the main goals of business marketing is to engage audiences with the benefits of your product or service. If I see a book with an interesting synopsis that I think will add enjoyment or meaning to my life, I will be more inclined to buy the book rather than borrow it from the library. Similarly, by showcasing your work to a large audience of like-minded people, those who will contribute will do so because the creative project meant something to them. Whether through Kickstarter or another outlet, creative individuals should take the opportunity to market themselves and their work to the public to see their hard work thrive.

Best of luck on your creative endeavors!