How We Kick Back and Relax at SmartSites

Elizabeth Reyn

Work is the most important priority to us. We commit ourselves to exceptional website work. When we interact with clients, we give them our undivided attention and dedication. We don’t leave the office for the day until we are satisfied with the day’s work.

But even a business as busy as ours needs a few things to take the edge off. Even we acknowledge the health detriments of sitting in one spot, glued to a computer for eight hours a day.  We found that taking a few minutes to relax the eyes and exert the body make for a healthy and productive work day.

And no, this does not mean browsing Facebook or surfing the web. Unless you’re reading an article that you feel adds to your knowledge, this doesn’t count as productive relaxation.

Here are a few small things we like to do to that gets our mood up and prepares for the work day:

1) Go Outside

Even the hardest workers are in need of a little fresh air during the summer months. A good way to enjoy a little down time is to go outside and stretch our legs. Sometimes we bring out a soccer ball and kick it around for a little. Otherwise it’s a short walk down the street to enjoy the view of New York City across the Hudson River.

2) Have Short Conversations

Even having a brief interaction with co-workers helps with relaxation. Sometimes, one of us would come in and share a story from the weekend or the previous night before starting the work day. It’s interesting to hear about what people are doing outside of work and such stories, especially comedic ones, allows for a positive, uplifted mood.

3) Read a Book

One of my preferred ways to relax is to sit on a rock in the sun next to our parking lot and read for leisure. Even though I only read for a short time, just a page or two, it gives me pleasure to indulge in a book. After I read, my head feels clear and I feel ready to go back to whatever assignment I’m working on.

4) Grab Coffee

Sometimes the wear of the day just gets to you and you need the extra caffeine by the middle of the day. Whether it’s stepping away from the chair to make coffee or running out to the nearest Starbucks a few minutes away, getting the extra caffeine kicks really makes a difference to the workday. After some coffee, I feel energized throughout the rest of the day.

5) Eat Communal Lunch

This is something we like to do as an office together. One day a week we order food and eat it together in the conference room. While we have the occasional conversation about work, we also talk about one another’s plans for the weekend, sports, current events, or anything that happens to interest us. Having lunch together allows us to interact as an office and ensures comfort in working with one another.

Hopefully this article only took you a few short minutes to read and you feel positive enough to go back to what you were doing. Happy relaxation period!