Keep Calm & Keep Getting Great Ideas For Content

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Keep Calm & Keep Getting Great Ideas For Content

For any serious writer, there are only a few sights in this world more intimidating than a completely blank screen and the knowledge that you have to fill that page with great content. This is a feeling that many writers know only too well, but seeing as content is so integral to the success of a blog, many webmasters and business are starting to learn the feeling too.

The issue is that in order to keep attracting new visitors, a website needs to offer new, interesting content regularly. Without this, there is no incentive for someone to come back to your page and they’ll likely forget about it.

But coming up with great new ideas for articles multiple times a week without running out is a daunting task indeed. And especially if the industry/niche you’re writing for is one that you’d conventionally think of as ‘boring’. How do you keep the inspiration coming?

Ask the Right Questions

If your niche is indeed boring, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your articles need to be boring. Often this is simply a matter of asking the right questions and if you exercise a little curiosity then you might find that there are interesting components to what seems like a boring topic.

A great source of inspiration is the Subreddit ‘ELI5‘ which stands for ‘Explain Like I’m Five’. The other day there was a question here asking why mattresses are so expensive. It’s a very legitimate question that even someone not in the industry might be interested in the answer. You can even use this for direct inspiration by searching the sub for topics relating to your niche.

Link Topics

Another way you can take a dull subject and make it more interesting is to link two different disparate topics or niches. For instance, going back to the mattress example, we could link the topic to health easily by looking at how mattresses affect our health. Likewise, we could look at how this in turn has repercussions for any number of sports, or even our productivity. This linkage of niches has the potential to create many fresh marketing and partnership opportunities too.

Personal Experience

Writing from personal experience is often a great way to get content to flow more easily and also to make your writing more emotive and relatable. Writers often follow the advice of writing what you know and this applies to business blogs too. Even if your experience doesn’t directly relate to the subject, it might be that you have an unrelated story that can serve as a metaphor, or demonstrate a point you want to make. And if you don’t have any relevant experience, how about the people you know?

List Articles

If in doubt, write a list article. Top 10 types of articles and the like can apply to any angle relating to your niche and provide a simple and easy structure to write on.

Relax and Read Up

What’s also important is to make sure you’re relaxed when you tackle writing, as this can help to stimulate creativity. Reading constantly about your industry niche will also help to provide you with ideas and is a must for any blogger or online marketing professional today.