It’s Time To Get A Technical SEO Audit

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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technical SEO audit

Since its inception, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been one of the biggest driving forces for modern online businesses. Even if a company tends to prefer taking its business affairs offline, establishing and maintaining a web presence is something that still holds great importance. Focusing and implementing the right SEO strategies can help unlock higher rankings and increase the likelihood of attracting new prospects, which are essentials for future growth. That’s not all though; companies must also conduct a technical SEO audit as well. Below are some key reasons for this:

Reasons For Businesses to Get Technical SEO Audit

Search Engines Run Different Algorithms

Performing well on Google is important. In order to achieve major improvements in rankings, however, one must be aware that Google is just one of many search engines across the digital landscape. Although Google maintains approximately 61 percent share of searches, that still leaves about 39 percent of searches surging through other search engines. In addition, every search engine runs on its own unique sets of algorithms. That’s why content from a company needs to be tweaked accordingly before being published on a certain search engine. When done correctly, the company can attract more visitors and even beat its competitors in the future.

Don’t Let Competitors Overtake You

Take charge of your company’s SEO strategies before competitors gain the upper hand! Small, independent businesses can no longer afford to stick to old marketing techniques and only react when a competitor opens its doors with similar products and services. As new competitors can be based halfway around the world, SEO has never been more important. Technical SEO audits can inform business owners which outdated practices are placing their businesses at a distinct disadvantage.

Keep Up with the Latest Changes

The algorithms and calculation rankings of search engines are constantly evolving. As most of these changes involve loads of technical information, it can be challenging for layman business owners to get to the bottom of every detail, such as meta tags, density, phrases, keywords, content structure, and more. By hiring technical SEO audit services, one can acquire actionable insights that are easy to understand and implement to boost SEO rankings.

Technical Audits are Great for Non-SEO-Savvy Business Owners

As a business owner, one can have many tasks to handle on a daily basis. It can be difficult to devote several hours at a go to master the subject of SEO. Due to SEO’s sheer importance for modern businesses, companies can suffer if their managers and leaders do not fully comprehend all of its important components. Technical SEO audits allows business leaders to understand how their companies are performing and what can be done to improve their position.

Search Engine Optimization Drives Businesses

SEO is undoubtedly critical for every business today, even for traditional brick and mortar stores. As more consumers are relying on search engines to find businesses, owning a website is essential. Today, approximately nine out of 10 new website visits are generated through search engines like Google. If one fails to pay attention to SEO, he or she may be missing out on all of that potential new