Is TikTok Worth Your Time As A Business Owner?

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

Digital Content Manager


Easily the largest and hottest platform, TikTok is so popular that even celebrities, politicians, and sports teams are making accounts and posting content.

TikTok for Business launched in June of 2020, and since then it has taken the marketing world by storm. So, is TikTok right for your business? Today we’re going to go over all the benefits of this exciting app and what kind of advertisements you can share to your audience’s feed.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform where users can upload short videos. Since being merged with another application called and after the discontinuation of the globally popular app Vine, users have flocked to the platform in droves.

What are the Benefits of TikTok for Business?

Like any social media platform, TikTok has numerous benefits. The growing popularity of the platform gives marketers tons of opportunity to grow their audiences, promote their products, create engaging content, and more.

Growing International Audience

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has over 2 billion downloads. On average, the app has upwards of 800 million active users across more than 150 countries around the world. Whether you’re looking to reach a local or an international audience, TikTok is a great platform to use.

TikTok’s user base is made up mostly of teenagers and young adults, with over 13 million users in the United Kingdom alone. Based on the app’s growth so far, it is estimated that UK users will grow to over 16 million strong by 2024.


Influencer marketing is a staple for many businesses.

It is very successful because of the relationship between influencers and their followers. When an influencer promotes a product, their followers see it more as a recommendation than an advertisement. 

This relationship builds trust between the influencer and their audience, and makes the viewers more likely to try out the product.

With TikTok for business, influencer marketing is taken to a whole new level. Other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook are saturated with brands and sponsored posts. 

TikTok has the advantage of being a newer platform and is not yet widely used by brands, making it easier to come across as genuine and personalised to the audience.

Stay Within Your Budget

No matter how big or small your company is, TikTok can be a great platform for all brands to promote on. 

Some paid advertising on the platform can be costly and unaffordable to smaller businesses, but influencer marketing is cheaper on TikTok than other social media platforms.

TikTok for business provides companies with the perfect platform and opportunity to be authentic with their audience. They can give behind the scenes tours, filmed on their iPhones, host Q&A live streams, and even take part in fun trends if it matches with their brand.

Video Marketing is a Hot Trend

Across all networks, social media video content proves superior to any image or text posts. In fact, the average generation Z consumer spends nearly 5 hours a day on social media, and 3 of those watching videos online.

Videos have a unique power to engage audiences, as well as great ROI for brands. As more and more consumers prefer watching videos over other social media posts, this trend is not going to end anytime soon. 

The Chance of Going Viral

On TikTok, every post has the chance of going viral. In fact, TikTok has come out and confirmed that they do not prioritise any page over another, and that follower counts do not influence whether or not your content will show up in someone’s feed. This means that no matter if your account is 3 days or 3 years old, you have the same chance to create a hit video. Some users have even climbed to thousands of followers after posting just one video. So, how do you increase your chances of going viral? Hop on trends!