Is PPC Marketing Only Suitable For Big Companies?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

PPC Marketing

Pay Per Click or PPC is an online marketing method that involves advertisers paying a fee every time a visitor clicks on their advert. PPC marketing relies on a clear understanding of what keywords to use and how to optimize your website for conversions. Done properly, PPC is a powerful way to increase online sales while keeping advertising costs at a minimum. Another advantage of using PPC marketing is that search engines reward advertisers who create satisfying experiences for users. For example, Google Ads often charges less per click if your campaign is well thought out and relevant to visitors clicking on your ad.

PPC marketing is a great way to ramp up sales. However, there is a mistaken belief that PPC only works for big companies. In reality, this online marketing approach is also great for small companies as well. Here are some of the reasons why PPC marketing is good for small companies.

Efficient Use of Resources

Small companies often do not have a lot of spending power and this means that every marketing dollar that they spend must bring maximum returns. PPC marketing is a highly efficient approach to marketing because you only pay when someone clicks on your advert and goes to your website. This is better than paying for a general advert whose efficacy might be harder to measure. If the advertiser has optimized the content of their website for conversions, then there is a high chance that most of these visitors will buy something from the website.

Fine-tuning Your Marketing Strategy

Another reason why small companies should consider using PPC approach to online marketing is that this method helps them to gauge the efficacy of the various channels that they use. For example, through PPC marketing, a company can see which keywords generate the most clicks/conversions. This lesson allows them to apply these keywords in their blogs and other web content. A company can also observe where most of the conversions are coming from. This means that the company can then place more resources on such platforms and optimize their marketing strategy. Given the fact that small businesses often have limited marketing resources, having the ability to optimize your marketing budget is very beneficial for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Related to this is the fact that PPC marketing helps you to test different ads and get instant feedback. Rather than choose one ad from a given set, you can run all the ads on different platforms and see which one yields the most clicks and conversions. This way, you ensure that you are using the most optimal ads for your campaign and therefore getting the best returns for your investment.

PPC Marketing Enables Optimal Targeting

With most other kinds of online marketing, the advertiser casts a wide net and hopes to get the right clients from the masses. While this does work, it is not the most efficient way of advertising online. PPC marketing is very targeted as your advert is only shown to web users who use specific keywords. What this means is that you are very likely to convert such web users into paying customers because they are often looking for the very thing that you are selling. For a small company with a limited marketing budget, PPC marketing offers an optimal way of reaching the right audience without wasting precious resources on people who are not your target market.

Brand Building

One of the biggest assets that any company can have is a well-known brand name. For small companies that do not have a lot of resources to create brand awareness, PPC marketing is a great way to reach the right audience and create brand awareness. This is because PPC adverts are only shown to people who enter certain keywords. This way, you can be sure that every dollar that you spend to build brand awareness online is being used on the right audience and no one else.

Pay for Results

One of the most common complaints among online advertisers is that online advertising sometimes does not translate into site visits and sales conversions. PPC marketing is very different in that every dollar that you spend reflects a visit to your site by a potential customer. PPC marketing also puts you in the driver’s seat as you get to play a big part in determining if this visitor makes a purchase or not. By optimizing your landing page for conversions, you can easily increase sales and ensure that you get an excellent return on the money that you spent on the ads. Few other marketing approaches give you this kind of control and also this level of ROI.

PPC Marketing Promotes Learning

Given the fact that small companies often have very limited budgets, they tend to have very little room to make mistakes. PPC marketing provides a very cost-effective learning process that allows small businesses to figure out what their customers want. PPC ensures that only clients who are relevant to your business see the ads. This in turn means that the company can learn a lot about their clients simply by observing which products get viewed the most, which ones get viewed the least and which products are ultimately bought. This information can then be utilized across the organization to help improve the quality of products or services.

Helps Improve SEO

Small companies often do not have the resources to constantly do SEO. PPC marketing ensures that your website appears at the top even if your SEO is not up to par. Smart companies combine PPC marketing with SE optimization to ensure that they are always on top of search results. Appearing at the top of search result listings helps to drive sales and profitability as it leads to more potential customers coming to your website. When it comes to the use of PPC marketing, small businesses have much more to gain than big companies. Its efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and ability to target the right audience means that small companies will get good returns for their marketing budget. Combined with other strategies such as SEO and effective use of social media, a small business can expand its online sales and build brand awareness without spending a fortune.