Is iOS8 the Next Best Apple Innovation?

Elizabeth Reyn

“Huge for developers. Massive for everyone else,” says the large slogan below the big colorful 8, indicating the next big thing in Apple: iOS 8.

The first thought that comes to mind is how excited my father and sister will be. As the technology enthusiasts in the family, they are the first to jump when a new Apple product comes out. And new changes in the Apples system will definitely mean that a new product sometime soon. iPhone 6 perhaps?

It’s impressive that Apple has come a long way since their implementation in the 70’s as Apple Computer, Inc. They dropped the “computer” in the early 2000’s after the huge success of iPod sales, and its business has been growing at a rapid fire rate since. Apple is known for their vast development in technology, all the while staying true to its user-friendly features.

Bigger is Better

Apple strives to create an experience with each product, not just a phone or a computer with high use-value. Each new product promises a stronger resolution, faster mobile operating, and convenient features that make daily life just a little bit easier.

Users especially are excited about the release of iOS 8. Never has it been so easy to live in the moment and capture the experience to share with others. The video sharing function lets you take a video and share it with your friends and family concurrently as well as share your location, so your loved ones can feel as if they are sharing the moment with you. Emailing becomes more convenient, especially for those in a rush and need help formulating the right words. The keyboard has become smarter than ever, providing words and phrases to assist you in finishing those sentences.

These are just a few of the accomplishments that the new iOS 8 is promising. Assuming that all of the improvements are accurate, iOS 8 will be extremely popular among users, continuing to grow Apple’s already esteemed reputation.

Not Nearly the End of the Journey

iOS 8 proves that technology is smarter than ever, and that the progression is only going to continue to rise upward. Sales on products will continue to soar. Products will keep improving and keep exceeding users’ expectations of technology.  It’s interesting to see how Apple will continue to expand its market and churn out new innovations that benefit people’s lives.