Inspiration Spotlight: 7 Awesome Automotive Websites

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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Inspiration Spotlight: 7 Awesome Automotive Websites

When it comes to the automobile industry, the competition within it is still as fierce as ever. Because of the expensive products that the industry designs and manufactures, it is imperative that business owners have a quality website that can help them stand out from the crowd. If you own or manage an automobile business and want to build a website, here are seven awesome automotive websites for your design reference!


Jeep is a popular American automobile brand, and is a division of the former Chrysler Group. Jeep has some of the coolest looking vehicles in the world, and it would be a waste if they didn’t look as good online as they would in real life. However, there’s nothing worry about as its website features an attractive design without the excessive use of colors. What’s more, the most popular range of automobiles that are displayed on its front page is accompanied with a suiting background.


Dodge is a leading American brand of sport utility vehicles, minivans, and cars. Known to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, it is only befitting that its website showcases the brand’s cars in an attractive manner. Dodge’s website comprises of a stunning home page, a beautiful array of full screen backgrounds, detailed information on each of its cars. All trending models of Dodge are even displayed in a slideshow!

Formula 1 History Website

Sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, Formula One or F1 is recognized as the highest class of single-seat auto racing. If you wish to know more about its history, you defnitely want to check out their A Formula 1 History web page. The minimalistic but elegant website provides a stunning visual flashback of the past Formula 1 races. Each year features a distinct color and also displays an illustration of the winning car model.

Mercedes AMG

Are you a performance car lover? Are you a Mercedes fan? Have you been to their Mercedes AMG website? If you are looking to get inspired from awesome automotive website designs, this is a must-see website! Mercedes AMG web design utilizes a large-scale, full-screen slideshow to display the latest Mercedes AMG models in an attractive way. Its creators know that visitors want to view the images without any distraction, and that’s why the slider gallery comes with an option to make that happen.


Also known as Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, BMW is a German luxury automobile brand that was founded in 1916. Talk about staying true to one’s roots, you should take a look at their international website concept. BMW international site follows a circular design approach, which draw a bulk of its inspiration from the company logo. From this site’s design, you can also learn how to take an image-heavy approach for automotive websites.

Bond Cars

Quantum of Solace, GoldenEye, License to Kill, and etc. What got people talking most of the time? Is it the Bond girls? Well, you may be partially correct. But I’d say it is the cars that the British superstar spy has driven. This is a super cool website that features all the cars used by Mr. Bond. If you are into parallax animations, this site has what you want to see so do not miss this site any cost!

Hyundai Veloster

Hyundai Veloster

The Hyundai Veloster is a 200 horsepower coupé and its three-door layout has made it a hugely appealing piece of engineering. Now let’s talk about its website design. The site’s design features a stellar combination of red and black colors, which creates a vibrant feel. All in all, the design boasts confidence, and that adds to the overall impressiveness of the site.