Why Infographics Are a Big Deal

Elizabeth Reyn

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words. An infographic takes this to the next level, proving that a thousand words condensed into a clear, creative image makes for great marketing.

Infographics are visually stimulating images used in online marketing to attract attention towards a particular point. Infographics contains small bites of information: one sentence facts, statistics, cartoon pictures, etc. Do not be fooled by their scattered appearance. Infographics are very easy to follow and are strategically sorted to engage the reader’s visuals. They are like the adult version of comic books. Much like kids reading comics to be able to turn the pages of a movie, adults use infographics to bring important information to life.

Why Infographics?

While research papers or informative articles about a particular topic are often interesting, they are also a hassle to read. They require sitting down and devoting a chunk of time to extrapolating only the most important details and paragraphs. Although useful, this process can be extremely tedious.

But why bother with that, when you can just find the information you need on one image? Sounds easy and convenient.

How Do I Create an Infographic?

Infographics range on a wide variety of topics and tell you what you need to know at just an eye glance. The first step to drawing readers in would be to choose a topic and subsequent details that will capture a reader’s curiosity. Infographics can take on various tones. They can be humorous, serious, dramatic…whatever, as long as they’re enticing. Be sure to tailor the information to fit the interest of your target audience.

Next, come up with images and designs that can present the topic in a creative yet informative manner. Readers, especially visual learners, appreciate when the information is organized into pictures. Feel free to use large arrows or boxes that lead from one point to the next.

Finally, your infographic is worthy of being shared! This is the most important step. Like all marketing tools, infographics must be shared on the web. Use your business’s website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, any other social media tool you can think of to get your infographic out to the public.

Wishing you a happy designing!