Have You Been Ignoring These Facebook Ad Types?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Have You Been Ignoring These Facebook Ad Types?

When you are advertising on Facebook, you should not glue yourself to the same old static image creative repeatedly. If something works, do not abandon it. Expand it. Below are some alternative Facebook ad types that you may be missing out on. Use them to kickstart your Facebook ad strategy without delay!

Facebook Messenger Ads

Billions of messages are exchanged across Facebook messenger monthly. Parties involved include businesses and people. What’s more, over 50% of Facebook users are more likely to convert or shop with businesses that can be messaged directly. Today, more people prefer to message than waste time calling customer service.

As you can see, messenger leverages such user preferences, i.e. having no interest in picking up the phone and prefer communicating via one’s thumbs and fingers. If you are marketing your business via Facebook, it is about time you start leveraging chatbots built on the platform. Apart from sending and receiving messages, you can also use this utility to serve up ads: sponsored messages and click-to-messenger. Surprisingly, both options are underused.

How do sponsored message ads work? These ads are typically sent to everyone who has an existing conversation with your business. Make sure you are using a combination of buttons and replies. They can help drastically increase the scale and speed of personalized customer interactions. However, you can let AI do the legwork of creating a more engaging experience. Simply use the Connect Your Bot utility.

Facebook Video Ads

According to Instagram and Facebook, users spend five times longer watching video than looking at static content. That’s why statistics have shown that over 100 million hours of video are being watched on Facebook daily. Yes. Carousels and images are effective tools for sales generation, lead generation, and brand building. However, video proves to be more effective option when it comes to capturing the attention of the scrolling masses.

Don’t worry. Your video ads do not require Hollywood celebrity guests to “move the needle.” Here are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when creating your videos:

  • Ensure videos can be consumed without sound
  • Include the product and/or brand you’re promoting from the get-go
  • Shoot videos vertically for optimal mobile performance
  • Keep video duration under 15 seconds

Most Facebook users who engage with Facebook video ads may be multitasking at that moment. In many cases, they are listening to the videos. To ensure your message is received, add images and text that can be understood without sound. Your ad text should be about 90 characters and your headline should not be more than 25 characters.

Facebook Offer Ads

You are perplexed with the fact that no sales units are moving, even though your audiences have achieved the highest level of granularity and your account has been structured perfectly. Why? You may be forgetting to offer Facebook ads. This one of the best ways to draw users’ attention on Facebook and prompt them to act. In many cases, a good old’ fashioned promotional discount can sweeten the deal for bargain-starved consumers.

Brick and mortar businesses stand to gain most from using Facebook offer ads. When a customer walks through their front door, they can take out their smartphones and utilize the offer that was served to them on Facebook, in real life! The ads can also be served to them, via email, when they’re near your store.

The rules of creating and using offer ads are simple. The main content should be 250 words long while the title shouldn’t exceed 50 characters. The latter should always tell prospects exactly how sweet your deal is. Don’t forget to set an end date for your offer ads. The ideal duration should be seven days.