How To Work With Social Media Influencers

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

social media influencers

The ways companies market themselves have changed. Sales tactics are also constantly evolving. Today, social media influencers play a pivotal role in the demise or growth of a product or a brand. For a long time, earning an endorsement from the right personality had a huge potential of driving a tremendous level of interest in a service or product that may previously had a modest or poor following.

In the age of digital communication and networks, having an influencer representing your brand can be a huge advantage. The Internet and social media platforms have made it easier for millions of people to be informed of what a certain influencer is endorsing, doing, and saying, in an instant! That is why an influencer holds an inordinate amount of power, which can have a dramatic and direct impact on your business.

What if you couldn’t find an influencer? Can you make things work your way for the time being? Have you considered adopting a social media influencer’s mindset?

What Goes on in the Minds of Social Medial Influencers?

Every influencer has their own thinking but that does not mean that there are no generalities about them. Some of the common influencers’ goals include:

  • Self-promotion for a particular cause
  • Furtherance of a particular movement
  • Broadening one’s number of followers
  • Broadening one’s current reach
  • Building their own brand

You should keep in mind that some influencers are already well-entrenched in the business community. They may also be thought leaders outside of the realm of the online society and social media. In these cases, the goals of such influencers may include:

  • Finding and creating solutions to solve communal problems
  • Promoting best practices via their current position
  • Maintaining their standing as a thought leader or industry expert

How It’s Like Working with Modern Social Influencers

What constitutes an influencer? In most cases, that individual has a large following on one or more social media sites. These individuals may be celebrities, actors, or professional athletes. Other localized influencers include YouTube stars or Instagram models with a large number of subscribers.

You need to know that influencers are mostly in the business of building a thriving online community via their social network platforms. While your own marketing efforts may benefit in an array of ways from a relationship with an influencer, this is often secondary to their primary purpose. You should aim to integrate your marketing strategy into their intentions and overall online presence.

The Importance of Growing Organically

Taking it easy is the name of the game. Influencers have their own reasons for joining a social media network and increasing their reach. As you are not them, you do not always know what kind of behavior they may exhibit. Additionally, social media sites offer them the ability to post images and comments without filtering elements, such as consideration and time. Their actions can lead to unexpected results that are tremendously harmful or extremely beneficial.

When attempting to product placement or endorsements from social media influencers, it is much safer to develop a relationship with them and tread slowly. You may consider becoming a member of their community before you propose a business deal to them. Personal relationships can go a long way toward building trust. They should feel that you genuinely want to work with them and not just use them.