How To Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Mobile App: 10 Best Builders In 2024

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

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How To Turn Your Shopify Store Into A Mobile App: 10 Best Builders In 2024

Are you involved in eCommerce? Do you have a Shopify store? How’s business? Have you considered the use of a Shopify mobile app builder to kick up your business a notch?

In online commerce – a dynamic industry indeed – adapting to the ever-changing needs and preferences of consumers is imperative. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and maximize your reach, conversions, and revenue, turning your Shopify store into a mobile app is a smart move you can’t afford to overlook.

Mobile commerce has experienced an explosive surge, with the US mobile shopping industry already showing a staggering worth of $431 billion – and its future shows no signs of slowing down. With more than 72% of the total eCommerce market share dominated by mobile, it’s clear that mobile-first strategies are no longer just an option – they’re a necessity for continued growth and success.

By going with a mobile-centric approach, you tap into the massive potential of a customer base that is increasingly reliant on smartphones for their online activities. With approximately 57% of all internet traffic originating from mobile devices, and 15% of Americans exclusively accessing the internet via smartphones, the shift towards mobile dominance is evident.

While optimizing your Shopify store for mobile browsing is a step in the right direction, it’s only the beginning. Mobile apps offer a superior user experience, which results in clear benefits like increased conversion rates, higher average order values, and more engagement with your products.

Overall, the power of mobile push notifications cannot be stressed enough. With an average open rate of 20% and a click-through rate of 28%, push notifications provide a direct channel to get involved with your audience and propel conversions.

More or less, while transforming your Shopify store into a mobile app may not be an absolutely necessary move, the potential benefits it offers – from improved user experience to increased customer loyalty – are too big to ignore. 

In the following sections, we’ll closely examine the practical steps and strategies you can use to make the most of a Shopify mobile app builder and unlock the full potential of mobile commerce in 2024. 

Ready? Let’s explore how you can take your Shopify store to new heights in the mobile world.

How Can Businesses Turn their Shopify Stores into Mobile Apps? With a Shopify Mobile App Builder!

To smoothly and easily transition a Shopify store into a mobile app, businesses must follow a strategic process.

First, choosing the right Shopify app builder is important. Among the many options, some stand out for user-friendly interfaces, affordability, unparalleled support, and more. Some apps provide for a smooth transition by converting the actual Shopify store into an app, assuring 100% synchronization with the website.

Note: Before we go any further, it’s a good idea to optimize the Shopify site for mobile devices. This helps with compatibility and heightens the user experience on any number of screen sizes.

Next, schedule a consultation with an app expert to discuss specific requirements and address any concerns you might have. They provide valuable insights and guidance to simplify the app development process. Once ready, the expert team can take over, handling all coding and technical aspects to bring the app to life. 

Customization is the key to ascertain the app from the browser-based version. Set up mobile push notifications to improve user engagement as much as possible.

With a bit of expert assistance, iOS and Android apps can be ready for publication in just a few weeks. Your professionals can also help manage the app store submission process for a better transition from development to deployment.

Now, it’s time to go through the best apps and enjoy the rewards of a mobile-centric approach to eCommerce.

Here’s our list of preferred Shopify mobile app builders:

#1 Tapcart


Tapcart Mobile Apps by Tapcart Inc. increases customer retention rates by providing for unlimited push notifications for special offers. It presents products, collections, and content attractively to boost engagement. Smooth checkout via Apple Pay and Google Pay reduces resistance, improving the shopping experience. 

Real-time synchronization with the online store guarantees updated information. Flash sales and promotions add flexibility. Pricing starts from $99/month with a 7-day free trial, earning a rating of 4.8/5.

Install Tapcart now to raise the level of your business.

#2 Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps

Plobal Apps Mobile Apps by Plobal Apps works to boost sales by increasing conversions through mobile apps. It allows for creating countdown banners linked to specific products for flash sales, promoting urgency and driving revenue. Real-time triggered push notifications manage retention and abandonment campaigns effectively. 

The app incorporates machine learning and artificial intelligence for personalized product recommendations, aligning with customer preferences. With diverse designs and layouts, it offers flexibility.

Pricing starts from $99/month with a 14-day free trial, with additional charges applicable. Rated at 4.8/5, installing Plobal Apps can increase your store’s sales.

#3 Vajro


Vajro App offers instant, top-tier native mobile app solutions for immediate installation. It assists with automated push notification campaigns using images, videos, and GIFs, boosting customer conversion rates by four times in real-time with Live Video and AI-based product recommendations. 

The app provides the best shopping experience, with insights into customer behavior through Vajro’s Dashboard metrics. Real-time updates synchronize all products and collections with the website. 

With over 20 pre-built themes and a theme builder, designing a personalized mobile app is quick and easy. Priced at $99/month with a 14-day free trial and rated 4.9/5, Vajro App is a reliable choice for increasing sales and business scalability.

#4 Shopney


Shopney gives Shopify and Shopify Plus brands more power with strong mobile shopping app solutions, necessary for success in today’s mobile-centric eCommerce industry. Its native iOS and Android apps heighten customer satisfaction and accelerate growth for merchants of all levels. 

Shopney’s unique features include customizable theme options specialized to your brand and live in-app chat for real-time customer involvement. With unlimited rich push notifications, abandoned cart, and back-in-stock alerts, Shopney offers impressive tools for business leverage. 

Design your app effortlessly with drag-and-drop functionality. Priced from $79/month with a 7-day free trial, Shopney has a perfect 5.0/5 rating, making it a powerhouse for mobile growth.

#5 Mobile App Creator – Appit by Appit

Mobile App Creator - Appit by Appit

Mobile App Creator by Appit simplifies creating custom mobile apps for your store for convenient mobile ordering for customers. Real-time push notifications demand attention, inspiring more purchases. 

Customers benefit from a personalized wish list, improving their shopping experience and encouraging loyalty. With one-touch checkout, the process becomes smooth and painless. Offering a hassle-free installation and starting from $0/month, Mobile App Creator gets a rating of 4.6/5. 

You can raise customer satisfaction and boost profits by installing this app today.

#6 MobiLoud


MobiLoud revolutionizes mobile app development by transforming any website into iOS and Android apps. Unlike template-based platforms, MobiLoud offers custom app development, so your Shopify site is fully replicated without limitations. 

Retaining all plugins, integrations, and custom features, MobiLoud guarantees real-time synchronization between the app and website. Enjoy limitless possibilities; replicate website features and create unique app-specific experiences easily. 

Pricing starts at $350 per month (15% off on annual plans) with a one-time $1,500 setup fee, adjustable for complicated requirements. Step up your Shopify experience with MobiLoud’s mobile app solutions.

#7 AppMaker


AppMaker’s mobile app builder simplifies app creation, with visual editing and smooth, easy backend integration with Shopify stores. While user-friendly, it may seem lacking in sophistication compared to its competitors. Payment gateways include options like Apple Pay, but integrations are limited. Great for basic store needs without complex features.

 Pros: Easy to use, wide payment gateway support, solid Shopify sync. 

Cons: Limited customization beyond templates, inability to convert existing plugins/themes, fewer integrations, pricey plans ($699/$1,199 per month). 

Consider AppMaker for straightforward setups but give some serious thought to other options for bigger and better functionality.

#8 Hulk


Hulk, by HulkApps, is a Shopify mobile app builder that provides user-friendly drag-and-drop tools for coding-free app creation. It syncs with your Shopify store via the Shopify API. Affordable and positively reviewed, users appreciate its simplicity. 

But… integrations beyond HulkApps products are somewhat limited. If already using HulkApps plugins, this builder aligns well with your ecosystem. 

Pros: Cost-effective, user-friendly, integrates smoothly with Shopify. 

Cons: Limited integrations, reliant on templates and Shopify API like other builders. Give some consideration to Hulk for budget-friendly app creation within the Shopify ecosystem, especially if already using HulkApps plugins.

#9 MageNative


MageNative is renowned among Shopify mobile app builders, particularly preferred by fashion, food, and marketplace apps. With pre-built themes and competitive pricing, it’s an attractive option for entry-level eCommerce apps. 

But for more advanced functionality, businesses may want to think about more hearty solutions. The no-code builder simplifies app creation, letting users drag and drop things onto a canvas, connect their Shopify account, and import product information. Pricing ranges from $49 to $99/month, with a number of features and integrations. 

While MageNative exhibits affordability and decent themes, some users complain about platform inflexibility and limitations not uncommon in template-based builders. Think about MageNative for straightforward eCommerce apps within budget constraints but expect compromises in features and customization.

#10 Mowico


Mowico offers a no-code mobile app builder made for eCommerce stores, compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop. Its visual builder simplifies app creation: Design the interface, import products, set up additional functionalities, and publish without coding. Boom!

Pricing ranges from $79 to custom plans, being different for each eCommerce platform. 

While Mowico integrates with popular apps like Smile and Langify, it’s criticized for limited customization and the inability to fully replicate web store complexity. 

Pros include ease of use and diverse payment gateway integrations, but cons include limited customization and challenges in replicating website user experience. 

Consider Mowico for basic eCommerce app needs but watch for limitations in customization and functionality.

Are You Considering Using a Shopify Mobile App Builder?

Shopify mobile app builders provide convenient solutions for expanding your eCommerce presence to mobile platforms. Each builder has its strengths and limitations, catering to diverse business needs. 

Whether you prioritize affordability, customization, or integration capabilities, there’s a builder suitable for you. But remember to weigh the pros and cons carefully to make the best decision that aligns with your business goals.

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