How To Improve The Click-Through Rate For Your Ads

click-through rate

An individual that regularly browses the Internet will likely be served thousands of PPC ads per month. Today, exciting design and bold copy are insufficient to create truly exceptional banner campaigns. Ads that feature those elements are in abundance, and to put it candidly, tired. Check out some fresh approaches on how to optimize ads across audiences and channels and improve your click-through rate.


Before we proceed, you need to make sure that your ads feature the following fundamental elements:

  • A clear, logo that stands out
  • In-banner videos or animations
  • Relevant and high-quality images
  • Readable text that contrasts with your background
  • Matching color scheme that evokes the right emotions
  • Unique brand identity

Are you good to go? Let’s start learning how to create relevant and exceptional banner ads that will elevate your conversion rates to new heights!

Find Out What Resonates with Your Audiences

You have created and posted beautiful ads. However, they are still not hitting the target click-through rate. In this case, you may have forgotten to understand what resonates with your customers. It is time to do some A/B testing to discern where the problematic areas in your ads are. For example, you can use heatmaps. You can compare variants in your ads until you find the solution that converts best. Today, A/B testing has become an integral part of improving your CTR. You cannot simply wash your hands off a failing campaign and move on to the next project.

Create Dynamic Creative Ads and Rich Media

In today’s world of display advertising, advanced ad formats are now within reach. For example, ecommerce stores can display their products on carousel banners. Online marketers can now provide timely and relevant ads with greater ease. You should keep in mind that the key to success is to maximize the space with innovative design and delivering the most relevant information to your potential customers. Something as simple as publishing an in–banner video to your ad can dramatically increase CTR. Since statistics are also in favor of rich media, make sure you take advantage of them as well.

Next, there are so many possibilities with using dynamic creative. Whether it is through behavioral prospecting, sequential storytelling, or geo-targeting. You will be able to tailor your messages, so you can present your ads to the right person, at the right time. For example, a basketball match banner ad will automatically adjust depending on who the winner is.

Ensure Sound Ad Placement

Yes, placing one’s ad above the fold works. However, it is recommended that you start contemplating how geographical location can affect CTR as well. Let’s say that you are running an online campaign for a leg shaving cream product, you placed the banner at the top of a men’s shaver product page. Do you think the ad will convert well? So, you should not only work with publishers that offer high viewability rates. The location where the ad is placed at must draw relevant traffic to your brand as well.

Consider a Mobile-First Approach

Mobile technology will account for a significant amount of ad spend in the near future. That’s why it is never too early to adopt a mobile-first strategy. Google recommends marketing specialists to set up at least four sitelinks for mobile ads and six for desktop ads. Next, you will want to start yourself off on the right foot by working with the right banner sizes. For example, a large mobile banner should be about 320px x 100px.