How To Ensure Your Site Has A Constant Stream Of Content

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

How To Ensure Your Site Has A Constant Stream Of Content

We’ve discussed how you can keep coming up with great ideas for articles and how to write them in such a way that they leap out and grab attention. This is very important for any blogger or business owner with a website, seeing it’s content marketing these days that seems to drive most of our traffic.

But just because you know how to come up with ideas and write great articles, that doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to maintain a steady flow of new content to your site. Unfortunately, time is just not on our side when it comes to running a business owner and there will often seem to be more important things to do than write a new article. Before you know it, your site hasn’t been updated in two months and now you feel almost embarrassed to post anything new. Oh dear!

So how do you prevent that from happening? How do you really maintain a constant stream of content?

Write Content in Advance

If you get a free weekend or a quiet day in the office, then something highly productive you can do with this time is to write a whole batch of great articles in advance and then schedule them to be posted gradually over time. You can do this by using ‘schedule a post‘ in WordPress that publishes your post on a preselected time in the future. In theory you could write 10 posts and schedule them to publish once a week – that way, even if you don’t get another chance to write for the site for ten weeks you’ll still have a steady flow of new posts coming in.

Create Quick Content

While in-depth articles are very much encouraged by Google and sought out by visitors, not every single post you create needs to be a highly in-depth and detailed magnum opus. Sometimes writing a quick post is very much better than writing nothing at all.

And if you don’t even have time for that? You can always record a quick vlog and embed that in a post, or you can link to another site as a reference.

Link Your Blog to Social Media

Linking your blog to social media is a great way to keep it active and alive. Using tools like IFTTT and Instagram, you can post new photos directly onto your blog taken with your camera, or you could add photos and tweets as a widget.

Get SEO Services for Content Marketing

Better yet, if you don’t have time to write lots of content yourself, then you can always hire someone to do it for you. And you’d possibly be surprised to learn that actually the investment you are making towards your blog will generate traffic and potential leads for you. And if you can get enough writers and give them the ability to post themselves, you can maintain a constant stream of high quality content without having to lift a finger yourself!