How To Determine The Color Choices For Your Website

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Color Choices For Website

Color plays an important role in every project – printing promotional flyers, creating your brand’s logo, and establishing your brand identity. This is no less true for your website’s color scheme. By using different colors, you are able to convey emotions, drive conversions and earn loyalty from your customers.

When building your website, choosing the correct colors may be a difficult task. Not only is it important to find the correct colors to convey your brand but balancing the primary and secondary colors can also be a challenge.

Why Color Scheme Matters for Your Website

When building a website, brand identity is insanely important. You want to be sure that your site will convey the right message, promote your brand, and most importantly, keep customers engaged with your site. All of this can be achieved by choosing the right color scheme.

Not only is this helpful for your website, but this same color scheme can then be used for packaging, social media posts, and many more promotional aids. By choosing a color scheme that works for you and your brand, you take the first step towards designing an amazing, stand-out website.

Balancing Colors on Your Website

Knowing which colors will promote the right emotion and identity for your brand is a huge part of choosing the right color scheme for your website. However, it is also extremely important to balance the colors you choose correctly. It is recommended that you break down the colors you want to use into three categories: main colors, pop colors, and neutral colors. 

The main colors are what will be used for approximately 75% of your website’s design. You use these colors on every page of your website for content, headers, and general information.

Pop colors are used very sparingly throughout your website. Pop colors are used to highlight only the most important information your customer needs, such as your Call to Action.

Neutral colors are also used sparingly, but more often than pop colors. These colors are used for backgrounds, negative or empty space, and within your content.

How To Choose the Correct Color Scheme for Your Website

In order to choose the correct color scheme for your website, you will have to take into account all of the information given here. What type of emotion or feeling do you want your website to convey? Do you want to use primary, secondary or tertiary colors?

For example, if you own a yoga studio that focuses on mental wellness and strength, green may be the perfect starter color to look at. Green can bring feelings of nature, wellbeing, and energy, perfect for inspiring customers to try yoga.

The next step is to choose how many colors you want to work with. By taking a look at the different color harmony techniques, this can be narrowed down.  Then, based on your main color, you can decide to use similar colors with the analogous technique, or completely opposite colors by using the complementary colors technique.  The best tip for any color theory beginner is to keep your color scheme simple and incorporate your branding.