How Supplement Warehouse Uses Google Ads & What You Can Learn From Them

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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How Supplement Warehouse Uses AdWords & What You Can Learn From Them

By heading over to Keyword, it’s possible to take a look at the way different companies are spending their budget on Google Ads. In the past, we discussed how Amazon was spending up to $1 million on Google Ads each day. Because the brand is already established and the products they are selling are already known, Amazon can get a very impressive and immediate ROI for their spending here, which is why they’ve seen fit to spend so much.

But how about a company with a slightly smaller budget? How about a company that might be more comparable to the way that you would go about using Google Ads? Looking online for smaller businesses using Google Ads regularly can initially be a bit tricky. According to this piece by the New York Times, Google Ads just isn’t practical or effective for small businesses. But not everyone agrees, and certainly not, who is a smaller business that is spending nearly $800 a day on their Google Ads.

How Supplement Warehouse Is Spending Their Money

The company is an ecommerce site selling a range of sports supplements. That means things like whey protein, creatine, fat burners and a range of other products designed to help people build muscle and burn fat.

As you might imagine, most of their keywords revolve around specific brands and products. They have the number one spot for ‘Lean Body Carb Watchers’ for instance, which is actually the name of a product. They also advertise ‘Super C Powder’ and a range of other products.

The other type of keywords you see, are product keywords with modifiers like ‘discount’, ‘cheap’ and ‘bulk’, ‘Clif Bars Cheap’, ‘Discount Isopure’ and ‘Clif Bars Bulk’ for example.

Fending Off the Competition

Looking at the results on KeywordSpy, it’s clear to see that the smaller company are facing some serious competition from the likes of Amazon, who are able to spend far more on their advertising campaigns. The main goal of their own Google Ads strategy then needs to be getting around this and finding ways to stand out.

Using keyphrases that emphasize ‘bulk’ and ‘discount’ is one way they can do this. Because the company is smaller and more specialist, they are able to offer discounts that Amazon can’t match. Likewise, they are also able to focus much more intensely on one or two products, rather than having to spread their budget across a whole gamut. This is why they have managed to get the number one spot for ‘Lean Body Carb Watchers’ despite Amazon also putting in a bid.

Take Home Lessons

So the take home lesson here as a small business is to take advantage of your small size and to use modifiers in your keywords that denote this. Likewise, you should try focusing more on a few products or services so that you can stand out in a few key areas.

Combine this with a smart use of negative keywords and well phrased ads and even a small company can stand out among the big competition on Google Ads.