How Soon Should You Start Getting Visitors For Your Website?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

How Soon Should You Start Getting Visitors For Your Website?

When you first launch your company website or blog, it’s no doubt that you will be highly excited at the prospect of writing great content to bring more potential customers to your business. Probably you are already dreaming about waking up in a few days’ time to see massively inflated sales numbers as well as huge exposure and success for your company.

If Only It Worked like That…

In reality, you are much more likely to find your site takes a long time to generate any traffic. Some of the biggest sites on the web today took years to get even 100 views a day, but it was only by persisting that their content marketing eventually succeeded. The biggest mistake you can make? Giving up early.

But at some point you will likely find yourself get disheartened that you’re not seeing an immediate ROI. The question is… how long does it take?

Horses for Courses

The first thing you need to acknowledge (other than the fact that it can take a long time to start getting readers) is that there are no ‘rules’ when it comes to business or online marketing. One blog might be able to get a huge number of readers in their first week – but that’s definitely not the norm. Some niches/industries too will be much more likely to grow quickly too compared with others and others will pretty much have a cap in terms of the number of visits they’re ever likely to get.

How to Increase Your Numbers

So while it might not be the answer you’re looking for, there is no ‘magic number’ you should be at by ‘x’ number of months and thinking otherwise will only lead to disappointment.

What’s more important then, is to understand how traffic growth works and to make sure you increase your chances of succeeding quickly.

Most bloggers that talk about their success will say that they had one or two shares on big sites that helped them to gain exposure. In most cases, these big shares won’t have been on sites that they chased down – they would have instead happened naturally and organically.

More than that though, they will also have seen slow and steady growth in between these few ‘boosts’. Relying on one link to get you to the top is a mistake. Instead, you need to slowly collect loyal readers and viewers until the point where you’re getting a lot of direct traffic. This can take years, but if you can get to 1,000 true fans, the consensus is that this will push you over that ‘tipping point’ to success. If 1,000 readers come to your site daily and buy anything relevant and interesting to them that you put out… and they share what you post with their friends… then your business can thrive on that alone.

The key is to seeing every single post as a chance to get just that one extra ‘true fan’. And if you can then get that number up to 1,000, you’ll be on your path to success.