How Should Professional Movers Utilize Google Ads?

AdWords for professional movers

To get more customers, companies have turned to Google Ads as their preferred form of marketing. There is a difference between running conventional advertisements and Google Ads campaigns. The former makes money for you and the latter requires you to actively pay a certain fee every time your ads get clicked. Google Ads campaigns often utilize a combination of keywords and cookies to appear on the top of search engine results pages. Did you know about the benefits of using Google Ads for professional movers? And if so, how should they be used? Let’s find out more!

How Can Professional Movers Benefit from Using Google Ads?

Here is a quick look at the benefits of Google Ads for professional movers:

  • The format of Google Ads allows you to insert a link that directs your audience to specific pages of your website. For example, your service page or contact page. Basically, it will be a page where you supply your audience with detailed information.
  • You run fairly low-cost ads. After all, moving services are specifically targeted to individuals who are looking for that market. You do not need to push your ads to an entire population and play the “hoping” game.
  • Your company can respond directly to potential clients who are looking for moving services in a location of their choice or in a particular area.

Must-Have Components of a Professional Mover’s Google Ads Campaign

Now that you are aware of what you can gain from running Google Ads campaigns, it is time to learn what those ads need to have. Here are some items to cross off your checklist:

  • Calls and conversion tracking

Make sure you have access to tracking tools that allow you to determine which ads bring in the most conversions and those that do not. Apart from tracking your ads’ conversion rates, don’t forget to track calls from prospects who have seen your ads. This allows you to shift your budget around effectively, i.e. pouring money into successful campaigns.

  • Location targeting

When you enable location targeting for your ads, you can reach customers in a certain location, provided they are using devices with location services on. That’s not all. Your ads can appear when they key in certain keywords and phrases.

  • Remarket ads

In some cases, you can only convert a visitor on the second or third try. That is why you need to dedicate one Google Ads ad to remarketing. As long as the potential customer has enabled cookies on his or her browser, you will always be there for them. This increases the chance of them returning to finish what they had started, i.e. complete their order or scheduling an appointment with your moving company.

  • Sitelinks

Using sitelinks in your ads is a good idea because it allows your customers to access more areas of your website. Adding your sitelinks to your services page or contact page is helpful.

  • Negative keywords

When you run Google Ads for professional movers, you need to pay for each click. If an individual clicked on one of your links and was not looking for your service, you are wasting money. So, you need to tell Google when your ads should not appear. It is done through negative keywords.

  • Attention-grabbing headlines and a call to action

Great headlines draw attention in an ad. You should keep in mind that there’s limited space for headlines. So, make every character count. Here’s an example of keeping it short and sweet: Trusted Local Moving Company. Since 1999. Next, you should include a call to action in every campaign. If not, people will just look/read your ad and do nothing. Make it clear to your audience on how they can use your moving services now.