How Should Garage Door Businesses Tackle Web Design?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

web design for garage door businesses

As a garage door company, a lot hinges on your web design. From the moment potential customers enter your website to the moment they leave it, you are making a valuable first impression. Do you want that impression to be good or bad? Of course, you would want to leave a lasting impression in visitors’ minds so that even if they are not planning to convert immediately, your business will remain fresh in their minds when they are in need of a new garage door.

To this end, you should always make your web design work for you. In this day and age, there is no excuse for letting a poor web design be the reason customers are being driven away. On top of actual problems you may face from time to time, do not let this issue that can be easily resolved drive your customers into the arms of a competitor. In this article, we share with you some top tips on web design for garage door businesses.

The Importance of Web Design for Garage Door Businesses

Unfortunately, web design is one aspect of digital marketing that can get overlooked for SEO, PPC and social media marketing. However, that does not make it any less important. Arguably, it is the underlying aspect of marketing that keeps visitors browsing through your website. Once they have clicked on your link, your job is not over. In fact, it has only just begun. How soon a visitor will leave your page is largely dependent on how attractive, useful and relevant your page is to them. This is where web design comes in.

Below are some top reasons you should invest in web design for your garage door business:

  • Leave a positive first impression on customers and encourage them to convert. Do not underestimate the power of a lasting first impression. Customers who return to you when they are ready to convert can make a huge difference for your conversion rates. If your website is poorly designed next to a competitor’s, it does not take much imagination to tell who a potential customer will go with
  • Build brand awareness and make your business easily recognizable. Incorporate your brand logo as well as theme colors, if you have any, into your web design. That way, the next time customers come across your logo, they will immediately remember the services you offer. By keeping design elements consistent across all your pages such as social media accounts, you are giving your brand a cohesive feel that is easy for customers to connect with.
  • Encourage visitors to stay on your site for longer. You may not already be aware of this, but Google rewards websites in SERP rankings when visitors stay longer on their pages. The reason for this is simple – the longer a visitor stays, the more helpful and relevant they find your website. As Google’s goal is to help customers find the information they need quickly and efficiently, this will give you a higher SERP ranking.

In all, a well-designed website will keep users navigating until they are ready to convert or bookmark it for future reference if they have no need of your services at the current moment.

Keep the Emphasis on Your Offerings

No doubt, you may be tempted to go over the top with bold colors and fun designs. However, it is best to keep things simple and the emphasis on your products or services. Remember, the design of your website should match the nature of your industry and what you are offering. A toy store may be able to get away with a bright mixture of colors, but as a garage door business, you are better off sticking with a neutral color that accentuates your products. You don’t want to end up putting too much emphasis on certain elements of the design that it overshadows your products and services.

Make Sure Navigation is Simple and Functional

Perhaps the most important aspect of website design has to be navigation. Ensuring that your visitors can find what they are looking for on your site easily is important. A good rule to follow is that users should not have to click more than three times from a landing page in order to reach the page they want. If they have to troll through your website just to find a page, it may be easier simply to return to the SERP they came from and choose a competitor’s site. Do not let that happen!

Thankfully, creating a functional navigation bar is pretty straightforward, and most garage door businesses make use of this model. A navigation bar that runs horizontally across the top of your site and remains on every page is the most popular option. Tabs should include the requisite “About Us” and “Contact Details” alongside any other appropriate headings such as “Products and Services” “Our Team” and “The Difference We Can Make”. Depending on how much information you have under each category, you can choose to add dropdowns under each link. There you have it – an easily navigable website that will keep your visitors browsing!

Retain Consistency Across Pages and Platforms

Consistency is very important when it comes to web design. Firstly, you should ensure that each inner page of your website follows the same theme and color scheme. That does not mean you cannot use different graphics or incorporate different forms of content on each page – you absolutely can and should make each page work for its purpose. We are talking about elements such as fonts, layout and color schemes. A few things that should be consistent on each page is your brand logo and the navigation bar. You may also wish to include your contact details at the bottom of each page, something many businesses do. That way, if customers wish to reach out at any point in their browsing, they can find your email or number quickly and without trouble.

Another element of consistency is keeping branding consistent across different platforms and campaigns. If you also have social media pages, which we recommend you do, you can reuse the designs on your website for your marketing campaigns. As usual, your logo should be the one thing that’s always present. This allows customers to easily identify your brain instead of wondering whether your website and Instagram page belong to the same business.

Engage A Web Design Digital Marketing Agency for Your Garage Door Business

Ultimately, the web design that will work best for your garage door business will depend on the goals and culture of your business. Are you a serious and professional market expert? Or are you the friendly neighborhood technicians who are non-intimidating for customers to approach? Whichever approach you decide to take, there is a web design out there to suit you. Although certain elements should be consistent across all businesses and their websites, such as being functional and easily navigable, the rest is really up to you. From color scheme to fonts, you have room to explore and decide on something that best represents your business. Do you already have a look and vision in mind for your website and need some help to turn it into reality? Engaging a digital marketing agency that specializes in custom web development can save you a lot of time and effort, proving to be an investment well worth its money.