How Interior Design Companies Can Gain Better SEO Traction

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

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Today, interior designers should create their websites in ways that do not affect online visibility. By successfully marrying visual appeal with function, interior design companies will become more attractive to visitors and gain better SEO traction. Below are some tips to help get your company closer to the front page of Google and more!

Gather Positive Online Reviews

When one is unfamiliar with an interior design company, chances are the individual will search for online reviews to check the company’s credibility. Common platforms for this type for research include Yelp and Google. Although it is important to encourage positive reviews, ratings, and recommendations, interior design companies should never offer to incentivize for positive reviews. The approach has to be natural and organic. Reviews and rating values, however, are not the main SEO ranking elements. These ratings affect click rates, which indirectly affect rankings over time.

Enable Search Engine Access for Images

Some interior designers are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing their images with the public and choose to restrict access. This is slightly counterproductive because search engines will not be able to crawl the subdirectories of the website and index the images. It limits the company’s online visibility, especially on the SERPs (search engine results pages). Consider allowing the images to appear in search results so that the company can gain more visits from potential customers. Next, watermark the images and/or include a copyright notice on each web page.

Tips to Get Your Interior Design Company Closer to The First Page of Google

Attract Attention through YouTube

Videos can help improve one’s SEO traction because they rank well in search results by themselves. In addition, they allow interior designers to include links back to their business websites. Interior design is a visually oriented industry and displaying one’s designs through visual mediums can enhance online visibility and profile. It is recommended that the interior design videos include as much voiceover descriptions, walk-throughs of spaces, and panorama shots as possible.

Insert Company Information in High-Visibility Areas

One of the most important SEO best practices is including one’s company’s phone number, address, and name in plain text, especially on the home page and contact page. This makes it significantly easier for search engines to crawl the website and verify that the business listing should be included into their databases. Why plain text? When one embeds text inside an image, video, or animation, it cannot be read by the search engine and will be skipped. That’s why it is important to include HTML text when creating image-heavy websites.

Use the Right Keywords

Although the terms interior design and interior designers have a higher search volume on Google, one shouldn’t alienate alternatives, such as interior decorator or interior renovators. These terms may sound strange to those who are providing said services, but some consumers may not understand or use the same professional terms. When running a PPC campaign, it is also a good idea to allow the ads to be triggered by keywords that have careless typos, e.g. interior designres.