How Can Medical Service Providers Refresh Their SEO Strategy?

Olivia Hendrzak
Olivia Hendrzak

Project Manager

SEO strategy

Be it small or new medical service providers, SEO strategies today are important more than ever. Armed with the proper knowledge, consistency, and effective digital marketing plans, medical professionals can certainly stay ahead of their competitors. 

With these tips and advice, let us share how healthcare providers can stay on top of their game.

Customized Medical Website

Before starting any kind of SEO strategy, creating a customized medical website is a must. When developing a customized website, ensure that the information uploaded is accurate and current. Make sure the website contains an address, helpline, as well as names of your healthcare professionals. With a tailor-made website that is intuitive and user-friendly, online visitors can now access the information they require easily.

Mobile Responsiveness

Mobile responsive is the next step medical service providers should focus on after developing a website. With mobile devices, tablets, and other smart devices being used daily, more online viewers are searching for products and services while on the go. Having a mobile responsive website can allow online visitors to visit your medical website anytime, anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection.

Online Reviews 

When planning for SEO; reviews, and testimonials play important roles in various marketing campaigns. To rank well on major search engines such as Google, your website must consist of great online reviews. These reviews are typically strong indicators that your webpage ranks well on various search engines.

Claim Google My Business Listings

Another important step to rank top on Google is to claim and update your medical service listing on Google My Business. It is important that medical services verify their operations and update their services so that online viewers can receive accurate information, especially when you are in the medical field.

Create a Social Media Page

Today, social media is a great marketing tool for SEO. If medical service providers do not have a social media page like Facebook business page, they can be losing out in the medical industry, ending up way behind the curve. When individuals search for medical services such as a dermatology practice, for instance, a Facebook business page that provides such a service might rank on the first page of the search engine. Another popular social media platform would be Instagram. On Instagram, you can showcase your personal life or hobbies, allowing your patients to know more about you.

Embrace Video Content

Nowadays, video is one of the most powerful ways to increase online engagement and showcase credibility. Especially in the medical industry, people will want to look for experienced and reliable medical service providers that they can trust. With the help of video content, patients can hear directly from professional healthcare providers as to what kind of services they can provide. Moreover, adding videos to your website can certainly help in SEO ranking. 

Here are some tips on how you can ensure effective video content:

  • Note down common questions that patients tend to ask
  • Provide directions and transportation inquiries to your location
  • Provide accurate and updated information about your healthcare services
  • Let your viewers know about the operating time
  • Offer value-added information

Equipped with detailed and accurate information, patients can seek answers to such questions immediately. Therefore, this will encourage them to view your website for the necessary information they require anytime.

Generate Useful Content

Apart from the video content, write-ups are still as or more important when it comes to SEO. One of the most common content marketing for medical service providers can include blog posts, podcasting, and much more. Offering various content with several methods can help your patients consume your content easier. Additionally, you can update your website with the latest medical news such as the COVID-19 situation.

Focus on Your Keywords

Generating content on your website is a great strategic content marketing strategy. To ensure that it is effective, medical service providers must focus on using keywords or key phrases. For instance, patients who are looking to relieve their muscle aches will search for a key phrase such as “muscle pain treatment”. Knowing what your patients look for during a search can help you focus on implementing various keywords and key phrases on your webpage content. Showing on top of organic search results is possible if the process of content marketing is followed properly with consistency. 

Effective SEO Campaigns

Creating a successful medical practice website paired by effective SEO campaigns can not only facilitate patient communication, but it can help you obtain more clients and allow you to stay on top of your game. 

At SmartSites, we are a team of industry-leading experts at launching SEO campaigns for various medical service providers in the healthcare industry. Whether you are looking to create a customized website, generate traffic to your online platform, or increase your patient leads to your practice, our team at SmartSites will work closely with you to ensure the best SEO results for your medical services.