Home Ally Improves Access To Property Maintenance Solutions With A New SEO-Friendly Website

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Director of Content

SEO-friendly website

Home Ally prides itself as a professional, highly-qualified yet affordable company that provides commercial and residential cleaning services in the Tri-State area. Based in New Jersey, it has been in the cleaning industry for more than 15 years and has worked to keep the streets spick and span. In addition, the company also offers other types of services such as gutter cleaning, gutter installations, window cleaning, soft-wash roof cleaning, as well commercial building washing.

In our newly launched project with Home Ally, SmartSites was tasked with developing and creating a new and improved custom WordPress website to expand its base of customers in the Tri-State area, particularly in New Jersey. With the democratization of digital technologies, the need to shift towards an online business model has proven all the more urgent, as customers are increasingly using online search engines to look for businesses that offer the service they need. That is why SmartSites has worked closely with the professional cleaning company to increase its online presence to reach younger and more digitally-savvy prospective customers.

To make these services more accessible to the residents of NJ, we integrated some of the best site navigation practices to improve the website’s Google ranking and UX (user experience) design. Read more to find out what are some of the different elements we incorporated into this SEO-friendly website!

Home Ally responsive website design

Online Booking System for Interactive Customer Experience

Statistics and studies have shown that integrating automated online booking systems help to increase call-to-action by customers, and subsequently improve revenue flow. This self-booking feature allows visitors to quickly access a wide range of services that Home Ally offers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, business owners will be able to gain valuable insights from their analytics dashboard, where they can observe which timeslots, periods, or services are the most popular, allowing them to make intelligent business decisions that improve the growth of the business.

Seamless API Integration

A seamless API (Application Programming Interface) Integration is essential for enterprises and businesses to automate tasks such as managing customer service requests and bookings while integrating and interconnecting cloud-based, industry, or third-party applications with its website. For Home Ally, this ensures smooth and seamless coordination and communication between the website’s interface and programs such as NiceJob, various Schema frameworks, and Gravity Forms. In the long term, this will help save manual customer management costs and improve the business’s service efficiency.

SEO-Friendly and Responsive Web Design

Home Ally seo-friendly web design

With WordPress’s minimal and simple coding structure, search engines are more receptive to them as they are can be easily indexed. The website design and interface are also optimized for mobile-friendly navigation, allowing widgets and applications to load quickly and easily for a seamless UX. Using meta-tagging and SEO plug-ins, we also increase the website’s ranking on Google to introduce organic traffic to an intuitive and search-friendly design. WordPress is a highly scalable platform, allowing businesses to customize and improve their website to cater to a growing base of customers. If you are interested in building a custom WordPress website for your real estate company, feel free to contact us today.