Harnessing Email Marketing Insights from Ashley Ismailovski on Episode 25 of the Help My DTC Grow Podcast

Clement Foo
Clement Foo

Digital Content Manager

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The quest for improving conversion rate optimization (CRO) requires an intricate blend of strategies. One such strategy, as shared by Ashley Ismailovski, Director of Email Marketing at SmartSites, on Episode 25 of the Help My DTC Grow podcast by OptiMonk, centers around the potential of email marketing in enhancing your CRO.

Redefining Onboarding with SmartSites

Before embarking on your CRO journey, the onboarding process matters. At SmartSites, Ashley explains they utilize the power of analytics to identify a brand’s shortcomings and to understand who they are trying to compete with. This analysis forms the basis for a marketing plan that incorporates an omnichannel approach, aimed at not only attracting new customers but also maintaining a robust relationship with the existing ones.

Segmentation: Personalizing the Experience

An essential element in the Email Marketing Director’s strategy is segmentation. The days of sending mass messages to a diverse audience are over. Segmentation is about delivering content that resonates with your audience. Personalization is the key, she says, it enriches the customer journey, aids customer retention, and ultimately, helps to grow your CRO.

Unlocking the Potential of Email Flows and Pop-Ups

Most brands don’t see email flows beyond automated messages. However, Ashley highlights their importance as a powerful remarketing tool, particularly for potential customers who’ve visited your website but left without engagement.

Pop-ups, on the other hand, have long been viewed as an annoyance, feared to tarnish the user experience. But Ashley dispels this myth, emphasizing that with proven strategies, pop-ups can indeed enhance user experience and drive more sales in the long run.

Leveraging Klaviyo and Focusing on Post-Purchase Strategy

The implementation of tools like Klaviyo can help predict a customer’s next potential purchase. This trigger-based Email Service Provider (ESP) offers the opportunity to send personalized offers, enhance the customer experience, and drive up the CRO.

Moreover, the power of a post-purchase strategy cannot be understated. It’s about creating a returning customer’s journey and providing incentives for repeat purchases. The goal? To convert one-time customers into loyal brand advocates.Ashley Ismailovski’s email marketing insights shared on the podcast can help reorient your CRO approach and equip your DTC brand with the requisite tools for a successful scale-up journey. Adopt these techniques and watch your conversion rates climb! Listen to the full podcast episode.