Grave Mistakes That Affect Instagram Ad Performance

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

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Within a few years, Instagram has grown to become one of the biggest social media platforms across the globe. It is a platform that allows users to post selfies and pictures as a way of telling stories. This makes it the perfect platform for businesses to engage consumers and enhance brand visibility. Today, millions of brands have an Instagram account. These brands use the platform for digital advertising as a medium for reaching their target markets in real-time.

Even as some brands experience grand success from using Instagram, some brands still struggle to build a name on the platform. The main reason for Instagram ad performance failure is making wrong advertisement decisions. Here are the most common Instagram ad mistakes and how businesses can remedy them.

Common Instagram Ad Mistakes to Avoid

Lacking a Solid Strategy

Instagram offers brands an avenue where they can use visuals as a way of telling their brand’s story. This can be achieved through the use of videos or pictures to showcase their products or services. When it comes to advertising, your ads should align with the overall objectives of the business.

Some ads are used to create brand awareness while others are geared toward driving traffic to a website. When you are sure of the objective you want to achieve, you will be able to come up with ideal advertisement ideas to meet the goals.

Not Targeting the Right Audiences

Most brands come up with perfect campaigns. However, their Instagram ad performance is still affected because the ad campaign is not aired to the right target audience. Failure to target the right audience makes your campaign efforts futile.

Before creating an Instagram ad campaign, you need to have a clear understanding of who the targeted audience is. To understand who your audience is, you need to analyze the product you’re selling. Compare this information with info on the group likely to associate with the product or service. With this information, you will know precisely how to tailor your ad campaigns. You will also understand which medium is ideal for delivering the product or service to the right audience.

Using the Wrong Ad Content

Even with the right target audience in mind, you can still hurt your Instagram ad performance by misfiring on the content. The most crucial aspect of any ad campaign is the content. It needs to forge a relationship with the audience.

Ensure you create ads that will connect with the target market. You can achieve this by reflecting the brand products, brand positioning and service accurately. As much as it is an ad campaign, try and make it less self-promotional and more entertaining and informational. It should provide guidance and inspirational while adding value to the client.

Remember that your captions will help to drive your message home. This is an important factor that is typically overlooked by businesses in the PPC marketing world.

Not Practicing Long-Term Thinking

Short-term results and instant gratification drive the advertisement campaign industry. Ad campaigns, however, should also offer audience engagement and brand building as ongoing strategies. They should never stop even with the close of an ad campaign.

Instagram ad success is built on the creation of ads that start conversations and build lasting relationships with clients. Over time, these elements lead to increased sales, long-term brand growth and lifelong success.