Google Ads Tricks: How To Increase Your Conversion Rates

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Google AdWords Tricks: How To Increase Your Conversion Rates

It is probably every advertiser’s dream to have the ability to double their PPC conversion rates. Today, there are two things that require your attention. It is the goal of reducing cost per conversion (CPC) and increasing conversion rates. In fact, everything else can be secondary to these two main goals. However, any factor that can determine long-term success is also worthy of your attention.

When you run Google Adword campaigns, you should not invest your money without knowing what specific results you are trying to achieve; it hurts the bottom line of your business. That’s why you have got to get savvy with your future campaigns and make sure your Google Ads are converting. If you have always been skeptical about Google Ads because of the fear of losing money, here are some Google Google Ads tricks you can employ to improve your conversion rates!

Trick #1: The Customer-Focused Approach

While adding audiences to your ad groups in Google Display Networks is easy, you should not target everyone. The golden rule of content marketing is to find out (and know) who your ideal customers are and then create content around their challenges, needs and desires. Before you launch a campaign, you should also consider implementing negative keywords to steer people who are not really interested in the service. In addition, it is important to target an audience based on their demographics and top interests.

Trick #2:  A Deck of Effectively Organized and Grouped Keywords

Organizing and group keywords, as effectively as possible, may seem like a difficult task. However, it is one of the absolute Google Google Ads tricks you must learn. They can increase your chances of getting better conversion rates, high click through rates, high quality scores and more. For starters, you need to think of an effective structure when you are organizing your PPC campaigns. The chosen keywords for each ad group should all be relevant to each other. The ads must also be closely related to the keywords. It is pertinent to also ensure congruence between the landing page, the ads and the keywords that are being targeted.

Trick #3: The Perfectly Aligned Ad Copy and Landing Pages

Yes, it is possible to align your Google ad copy with your landing page to generate more clicks. When these two elements are aligned, your clicks will not only help improve your quality score but make a meaningful impact as well. Having a good quality score is really important. It is both a great way to predict the performance of upcoming campaigns as well as being the key indicator of your past PPC campaign performance. What’s more, Google likes to use your quality score to measure how efficient and effective your PPC campaigns are. If you have a high quality score, it means that your ad copy is compelling and relevant.

Trick #4: The Amazing Remarketing and Conversion Rate Optimization Tool Look-alike

Believe it or not, remarketing is one of the most effective ad display strategies of all time. It is an effective way to improve your Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) efforts and even persuade indecisive visitors to return to your site. However, research shows that a substantial number of advertisers still do not consider remarketing as a Conversion Rate Optimization tool. The idea behind the employment of remarketing is pretty simple. You are simply re-displaying the same ads that have been viewed earlier a few more times. It is much like embedding the images and text in your viewers’ subconscious and increase the odds that they will click your ads and actually buy your product!