Good Dental Website Design Can Convert Online Traffic Into Paying Patients

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Good Dental Website Design Can Convert Online Traffic Into Paying Patients

More patients prefer to check out a particular dentist’s website rather than calling the dental office for enquiries. That’s why you have to ensure your dental website design is up to par at all times. However, some dentists just do not have the time or lack the expertise to facilitate online dental marketing. If you are looking to outsource your website responsibilities, you should still know what good dental website design constitutes. Let’s find out the various elements that will help make your dental web design stand out from the crowd:

Opt for a Dental Website Design that Exudes a Modern Visual Appeal

You want a website that functions well and is also visually appealing. Unattractive sites tend to make users leave. To achieve a modern visual appeal, you may consider using wide photos for the background, and even layer subtle background textures to add depth and warmth. In addition, you should watch out for text-heavy pages, ensure you leave sufficient white space, and maintain strong branding above the fold – perfect place to add your dental practice’s contact information.

Create New Content on a Regular Basis

Regularly updating your dental practice blog and uploading compelling online videos are two excellent ways to make your site more engaging to patients. Instead of keeping pages and pages of text within your site’s design, you would want to feature more short and sweet videos and blog posts. You will be even able to dedicate a page that helps answer common patients’ questions as well as one that shares a quick office tour. When you keep producing fresh content on a regular basis, your SEO performance will improve as well. Search engines tend to reward your sites, which are subject matter authorities, with higher search engine results rankings.

Implement the Latest Patient Engagement Tools

It is a wonderful practice to allow patients to be able to easily interact with your office, whether on the go or at home, via the convenience of the website. Patients should have access to functions that allow them to make online payments, view health records, and schedule their next exam. Apart from making your site easy to navigate and organized, including calls to action above the fold would be a great idea as well.

Featuring Online Testimonial and Reviews

Adding additional layers of social proof and trust is the way to go. Healthgrades, Yelp, and Google My Business are some of the major sites that feature your practice’s ratings and reviews. With online reviews, prospective patients can gain a clearer, firsthand glimpse into what their experience with your company will be like.

Never Forget to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

The dependence on one’s smart devices continue to grow. In fact, mobile usage has already surpassed those using desktop computers. It is pertinent to ensure that your site has a responsive design. It needs to be able to function and load properly regardless of what device a patient happens to be using. Sites that have a mobile-friendly design tend to earn higher rankings than those that are seldom updated.