Get to Know Us Through Our Restyled Team Page

Elizabeth Reyn

At SmartSites, we found that small businesses prefer working with a team they can trust. We’ve all had the less than favorable experience of calling a company only to listen to Pachabel’s Canon on loop, being transferred to multiple representatives, and hanging up without receiving the results we wanted. There is no personalized experience and you never feel like you’re getting the assistance for which you’ve so patiently waited.

The truly beneficial aspect of SmartSites is that website visitors can put more than just a face to a voice. You get the added bonus of our personalities at no charge to you! No fancy business dinner required.

Our recently revamped “Meet the Team” page helps you interact with us…literally. Just scroll your mouse over the icons, and you get a glimpse at who we are. Click on our pages and you will see information beyond just our college degrees and specialties. You will find out our hobbies, musical interests, and favorite vacation destinations.

We have found that our clients feel more at ease knowing with whom they are working. When redesigning the “Meet the Team” pages, our goal was to make ourselves stand out, without limiting ourselves to the information found on our resumes. While our professional experiences are a part of who we are, we like to give our clients a more complete package that allow them a more positive website experience.

Our team pages also reflect our hard work and dedication when it comes to the projects we take on. We strive to give our clients the absolute best in customer service. Once the contract is signed, clients are assured that when they need us, we will be there. During a call, they receive our undivided attention and assistance every step of the way.

Go ahead, visit our website and check us out!