How To Get Your Content Digested By The Masses

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

How To Get Your Content Digested By The Masses

Content creation is an integral part of inbound marketing. It helps you generate more leads for your business, improve SEO performance, increase brand awareness, attract more visitors your business blog, and more. So how does one create content that actually gets digested and shared? Given that people are not reading as much as they used to. For example, a majority of page views last no more than a minute and people share articles online without even reading them. Here are some useful tips to get your content digested:

Increase Visual Content

Sometimes one’s audience may prefer seeing more visual content. That’s why it is important to create content that caters to individuals who spend more time viewing images than reading text on a web page. Even if you are not creating content for such individuals, you should remember that images have the ability to create a deeper impression in one’s mind.

No, you are not limited to still images because there is more than one way to skin the cat. Try creating videos or eye-catching infographics. They have the power to promote greater readership and draw attention as well. Let’s say, you usually create long-form articles. Consider supporting your content by publishing a data visualization, e.g., multiple short videos that feature different angles on the same topic.

Make Sure Your Content Caters to People who Like to Skim Read

When it comes content creation for the masses, you will want to treat your readers as you’d like to be treated. In this age, it is important for content to be written for busy individuals. Those who typically skim-read content that’s available on the Internet. Here are some layout and formatting ideas to get you started:

  • Help readers understand how quickly they will be able to finish reading your article
  • Include numbered lists and bullet points
  • Help readers maintain focus by breaking up paragraphs and sections with bolded text and headers

Make the Effort to Write Quality Content

One of the easiest ways to create quality content is to know what your audience want to read about. You can discover more topics and content types your readers are interested in through surveys and social media polls. Next, you may consider conducting a competitor analysis to find out what content drives engagement across multiple channels.

Before actually writing your content, you need to create a style guide and adhere to a proper editorial checklist to ensure every piece of content you create is held to the same high standard. One more thing, you might want to validate your blog post ideas via industry and persona research as well. This way, you know which keywords to target.

Remember to Publish Your Content on Multiple Channels

There are instances when people are unable to find your newly released content online or are not digesting your content enough. In this case, you may want to consider off-site content, i.e., publishing your media and written articles in more places than just your blog. This increases the chances of your content getting discovered, and then read.

Nowadays, leading social media platforms offer an array of features for publishing original content. For instance, you can publish blog posts on LinkedIn, photos on Instagram, ephemeral messaging on Snapchat, and live video sessions on Facebook.