Why Font Matters in Business Marketing

Elizabeth Reyn
Why Font Matters in Business Marketing

Having a font that accurately represents your business is an essential component to marketing. The font of your content helps to set the tone for your website, giving a certain personality to your words. A small web design change can really elevate your business and draw readers in.  You want your font to be consistent, both aesthetically and with your content.

How Do I Know Which Font Fits My Website?

The font is just another piece of the puzzle needed to create exceptional website content. Without a proper font, the content becomes purposeless; if readers can’t understand the overall purpose of your content, your website might as well not exist. The font should also match the color scheme to create a complete puzzle.

Choosing the wrong font could throw off the entire website. For instance, you’re not going to use Comic Sans for a website advertising a funeral home. Instead, you may opt for Brush Script for a serious yet formal look, or even a standard Times New Roman to get across the point.

Here are examples of how other fonts could be considered.


For a website that doesn’t require a particular tone, it would be best to go with a standard font like Helvetica. Helvetica doesn’t look too comic or dramatic, so it makes for a great way for your text to appear informative.


This is another standard font that could be implemented for edgy or upbeat websites. I would use Calibri or Calibri Light to give a little more personality to content. Calibri fonts are good for more informal marketing.


Lucinda Calligraphy or Lucinda Handwriting is good for a more put-together formal tone. This font could be used for websites that represent venues for various restaurants and special occasions such as weddings and cultural events. Lucinda fonts also works for luxury product websites.

Remember,  the look and tone of the font is they key to successful content. Make sure the font of the content fits with the website, is legible, and is aesthetic enough to keep website visitors reading.