FindBestSEO Ranked SmartSites As One Of The Top SEM Agencies

Sam Chadson Ng
Sam Chadson Ng

Assistant Director of Content

FindBestSEO top SEM agencies

SmartSites has been ranked as the top SEM (Search Engine Marketing) agency by FindBestSEO, coming in #3 and #5 respectively in the PPC and SEO categories. FindBestSEO is a platform established to help SMEs and big corporations alike locate the best digital marketing services for their needs. Companies are ranked and evaluated based on their performance as compared to industry standards, the overall customer experience they provide and the success of their previous campaigns. This serves not only to simplify the search process for businesses looking for marketing services, but to provide reassurance through quantifiable results and customer reviews.

SEM Is A Huge Conversion Driver

The importance of SEM in today’s digital world cannot be underestimated.  With millions of users making use of search engines daily, the chances of a customer converting when they land on a business’s landing pages need to be as high as possible amidst all the competition out there. SmartSites has successfully increased the conversion rates of its numerous clients through designing landing pages that are focused on obtaining sales.

Work with an Award-Winning Marketing Agency Today

When it comes to online marketing, your business will benefit from a model that caters to your unique needs. Whether it is PPC, SEO blogging services or custom web design you are looking for, you will benefit from engaging an award winning marketing agency that can do it all. With quantifiable results and a wide base of satisfied customers to speak for their efforts, you can be assured that online marketing is a worthwhile investment for your business.

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