February 2017 – Web Design Events To Attend

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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February 2017 - Web Design Events To Attend

Web design and development events allow participants to gather knowledge, exchange information, and engage in opportunities to meet and learn from other like-minded individuals in the web design industry. If you have not attended one before, you should keep in mind that there are always benefits to attending any event. Whether you specialize in WordPress development or Magento development or any aspect of web design, you will be able to absorb the latest techniques shared by distinguished speakers and authors, and more. Check out some of the top web design events in February 2017:

Mobile Growth Summit 2017

When: February 1 to 2, 2017

Held in San Francisco, CA, Mobile Growth Summit is one of North America’s largest mobile-only conferences. This event features a large collection of mobile industry thought leaders who specialize in user engagement, retention, monetization, acquisition, and more. During this intensive two day event, you can learn from as well as connect with other industry professionals like yourself.


When: February 3 to 8, 2017

Held in New York, NY, Interaction17 is an event that recognizes that interaction design happens everywhere. Because anything can become a surface for interaction, and that’s why anywhere can become a place where design happens. This event will cover topics such as how the environments shape interaction, and how you (as designers) should respond.

UX Camp

When: February 11, 2017

Held in Chicago, IL, UX Camp is the perfect event for you if you have just entered the world of UX, and you are hoping to learn more. This event is also suitable even if you have been in the UX niche for some time and want to stay current.

DevFest KC 2017

When: February 18, 2017

Held in Kansas City, KS, DevFest KC 2017 is a fully community organized web developer event that covers a wide range of exciting topics including machine learning, virtual reality, cloud, web, mobile, and more. Although it’s a one-day event, you can expect to hear from more than 15 speakers who are technology leaders. Don’t forget to learn from Google product team developers as well!

Owner Summit 2017

When: February 20 to 22, 2017

Held in San Diego, CA, attending the Owner Summit 2017 event will be beneficial if you are navigating the waters of running and managing a digital agency. What’s more, other participants who will be attending as well are not your competitors. In fact, they are your allies! That’s what makes Owner Summit 2017 so different. When you leave the event, you will be leaving with a support system that you can rely on.

VOXXED Days Cern 2017

When: February 25, 2017

Held in Cern, Switzerland, VOXXED Days Cern 2017 is a recognized series of tech events that are organized by local community groups across the globe. This event is about sharing knowledge and improving the skills of being a web developer. In this event, you will meet internationally renowned speakers at a respected center for scientific research. Grab your tickets fast because this event is limited to 225 outside guests!

ConveyUX 2017

When: February 28 to March2, 2017

Held in Seattle, WS, ConveyUX 2017 presents the perfect opportunity for you to be introduced the experience scene that’s exploding here. Companies big and small are opening offices in Seattle. Mingle with both locals and visitors, and enjoy the city while hashing about UX.