Are You Familiar With These Key Mobile SEO Components?

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Are You Familiar With These Key Mobile SEO Components?

When it comes to mobile SEO today, efforts should be focused on developing and maximizing mobile visibility in search results. This task itself isn’t an easy one either, as you or your SEO agency should be working hard in tackling key mobile SEO components as opposed to simply creating mobile sitemaps which are getting less and less relevant in this age where smartphones are dominating the phone user base. Let’s take a look at the main mobile SEO components you have to get it right:

Perform Mobile Keyword Research and Create Content Accordingly

Firstly, think about how people are searching in the major search engines on their mobile devices as opposed to using their desktops. When you understand the differences, and factor this in while doing mobile keyword research, you will be able to understand searchers’ intents better and create content accordingly for your site. One easy way you can do this is by looking at Search Analytics and select to compare devices. By identifying keywords that have far more mobile clicks than desktop clicks, you will know that those keywords are the ones you have to focus on for mobile search optimization.

Ensure Your Site is Indexed & Pay Attention to Page Speed

Although it sounds a little silly to say that you should make sure your site is indexed, the truth is that no amount of keyword research or content is going to help you triumph in the search results if your site is not even indexed. Mobile searchers are also far more inclined to navigate away from a site that features slow page speed than desktop users, so make sure your site loads fast in order to retain the attention of your traffic.

Tackle the Mobile-Friendly Errors in Search Console

Mobile-friendly errors can cause a loss of visibility from organic mobile search results, and you can simply go to the Search Console and sort them out. By fixing them and making sure that your website is truly mobile-friendly, you are essentially giving yourself the best fighting chance to bring in the traffic.

Make Sure You Have Done App Store Optimization & App Indexing

This applies when you have an app, and by doing app store optimization, you are making sure that your app stays high when it comes to ranking inside the app store. This converts into a higher number of downloads for your app, especially if you understand how to include keywords (that you predict people will search for) into your app content. For app indexing, make it a priority to check that as many pages as possible are indexed as well as fix crawl errors.

Do You Need Help with Mobile SEO?

Many businesses today, especially small businesses, do not have the time nor knowledge on how to perform mobile SEO to maximize their brand exposure for mobile searchers. If you only depend on paid search, I can tell you that it’s only half the battle won. The good news is that you can always rely on working with a reputable mobile SEO agency that can formulate a solid mobile SEO strategy for your business so that your site can improve visibility in the mobile searches.