How To Excel In eCommerce For The New Year

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

How To Excel In eCommerce For The New Year

When it comes to eCommerce, you should never stop evolving. Customer tastes, trends, and technology will always change. What’s more, the eCommerce market experiences rapid growth on a year to year basis. That’s why you need to design your eCommerce site effectively as well as stay on top of eCommerce SEO in order to distinguish yourself from the competition. Let’s find out how you can excel in eCommerce in 2017:

Provide Same Day Delivery Options

While everyone waits for further news about drone delivery, there has never been a better time to start taking advantage of local drop-off points designated for same-day delivery and online orders; more drop-off points are expected to be set up in 2017. What’s more, nearly 30% of consumers are willing to pay extra for their orders to be delivered on the same day.

If you want to be wildly successful in eCommerce, you should definitely start addressing delivery issues. The aforementioned and returns have always been one of the top pain points of online shopping. Make your deliveries fast and easy!

Offer Personalized Deals

If you’ve tried out Starbucks app before, you should now know about the data it collects. This allows the app to offer personalized deals on the products that you (customer) already bought in the past. We have reached the age of customer experience. Even without receiving any inquiries about personalizing deals, you should always take the initiative. It’s one of the steps to lower cart abandonment rates.

Accept Contactless Payments

Smartphone users are getting used to the convenience of contactless payments, and that’s why mobile payments are on the rise as we speak. If you love your cup of java, you won’t us mentioning Starbucks again. They are an innovator in mobile payments. In fact, they were one of the first few companies to trial it.

By allowing contactless payments, they managed to streamline the payments system, and even roll out a loyalty program.Today, more than 20% of their customers use their app, and that helped generate a 12% rise in revenue! If you have always wondered how you can collect more customer behavior information so that you can improve the way you delivered your services, you can start with accepting contactless payments.

Implement Chat Bots

Update: Google Allo, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Facebook are some of the Internet giants introducing integrated chat bots to aid customer service, booking, and shopping. As more consumers begin to get used to talking to machines, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. Modern users’ patterns show that less are spending their time on apps; there is a higher concentration of activity happening on Facebook Messenger. With that in mind, you are recommended to create an experience that fits the natural behavior that’s already happening on many popular platforms, Facebook included.

Offer a Mobile Experience That’s Second to None

In 2016, mobile traffic has overtaken desktop search on the web. What’s more, Google is working on a brand new, mobile-first web index. Knowing that these changes are happening is not enough. You need to start making the mobile experience of your eCommerce business as good as possible.

If you need help with your eCommerce website in 2017, contact us at SmartSites today where we can show you how the Magento platform can supercharge your online sales and allow you to operate your online business efficiently.