Embrace The Power Of Giving During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

Director of Content

Embrace the Power of Giving During the COVID-19 Pandemics

COVID-19 continues to upend many lives as it sweeps the world without mercy. The pressure is on to curb the spread of the virus and governments across the globe are overloaded. But all hope is not lost. Despite the hardship and uncertainty facing both big and small companies, some owners are looking beyond their own businesses’ needs to launch initiatives. They have chosen to take extra steps to better their employees, customers and the community at large. Perseverance and cheerfulness in the face of adversity are what we need until this difficult time passes. It is certainly heartening to know that many brands are embracing the power of giving back during the coronavirus pandemic, e.g., aiding hard-working healthcare workers.

Frontline Healthcare Workers and Cleaners Need Our Support More than Ever

Because the epicenter of COVID-19 has shifted from Asia to Europe, the government has responded by supporting citizens and businesses via fiscal packages. It is important to note that the hub of the fight against this deadly virus lies in healthcare. Across the globe, frontline healthcare staff members are working around the clock to save lives in over-stressed hospitals. These selfless professionals are putting their own lives at risk when dealing with infected patients.

Therefore, businesses are increasingly supporting healthcare workers to bring smiles to them. A small gesture can go a long way in showing moral support and fighting alongside with them. A heart-warming outpouring of support and love truly brings to life the community spirit. You may have seen footage on the Internet where residents under lockdown ventured out to their balconies to offer mass applause to healthcare workers.

If you are wondering how else you and your loved ones can help, be sure to check out the following options:

How are Some Businesses Giving Back?

The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund

Firstly, you can consider unlocking a donation to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. SmartSites has partnered with The CDP COVID-19 Response Fund to raise at least $1,000 in funds to support nonprofit organizations that are frontline responders to the pandemic. We also strive to help communities that are vulnerable to the physical health, mental health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

If you are a current SmartSites customer, feel free to fill out a review and $20 will be donated to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy. These donations are made by SmartSites and our good friends at G2 – they are the world’s largest tech marketplace where businesses can discover, review, and manage various technologies to maximize their potential.

Head over to G2 Gives for more information or to unlock a donation today!

Studio Esthetique offers $50 Free Gift Cards

In these busy times for healthcare workers, it is vital that they make time to take care of themselves. In a show of support for United States’ unsung heroes, Studio Esthetique is offering $50 Free Gift Cards (while supplies last) to all local Healthcare Workers because they deserve some pampering too. From cosmetic and laser treatments to medical spa and skin care services, Studio Esthetique provides proven, safe and effective cosmetic and medical treatments in a professional, relaxing environment at the most competitive rates. If you are a healthcare worker or know one, check this out. Alternatively, you may also support first responders by buying an e-gift card.

Mobilizing individuals, families, and communities to fight COVID-19 from home

At fightcovidfromhome.com, you can learn how to directly help high-risk people in your community or volunteer via virtual means. For example, you may choose to help someone pick up their medication or have a conversation with someone who may be feeling lonely over the phone. Patients who have recovered from COVID-19 may have immunity antibodies that are essential for vaccine research. Individuals may consider joining one of Columbia University’s COVID-19 studies. Alternatively, you may help make, sew, or donate medical equipment to hospitals and organizations that are running low on personal protective equipment (PPE).