Effective PPC Tips For Fashion Brands

Chad Faith
Chad Faith

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Effective PPC Tips For Fashion Brands

Fashion retail is an extremely competitive industry, and that’s why fashion marketing solutions exist to help business owners navigate this potentially frustrating vertical. For smaller fashion businesses, owners have to go through the stress of selling mainly visual products via text ads. The problem is that most find it hard to shine among the clutter, especially when they are competing with more established organizations. But of course, all hope is not lost. Let’s take a look at some effective PPC tips for fashion brands, which can help improve overall ROI and keep you competitive:

How to Work with Remarketing Ads

The power of remarketing is incredible. It allows both advertisers and/or business owners to target and serve ads only to users who have visited their website or set of pages. If done right, it can lead to higher conversion rates, offer benefits pertaining to cost-effectiveness, build brand awareness, and create a sense of urgency among customers. A straightforward way to set up a remarketing campaign is to do it in AdWords. Be sure to link your AdWords account to Google Analytics so that you can set up custom audiences. The next step is to customize the audience based on past behavior on your site and your ultimate goal. You have to do this because the default audience is set at All Users.

How to Work with Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping is a rapidly growing aspect of PPC. It allows people to search for and compare products directly in Google search. This means they do not have to get the information they seek directly from the retailer’s website. If they can see a product image, price, store name, etc., before they even click-through to your website, they will gain a stronger sense of your product offering and be closer to making a purchasing decision. This is something that regular search ads cannot achieve. The visual element of ads in Google Shopping tend to draw more attention than ads that only feature text. This often translates to improve traffic volume and higher click-through rates.

How do I make this work? You need to create a Google Merchant Center account before you can start bidding on Product Listing ads. When you have an account, you can proceed to upload and store your product feed. Next, you need to ensure that all the required attributes are up to date. While this task can be completed manually, you should check if your desired eCommerce platform has the ability to export your product feed automatically.

How to Work with Branded Search Campaigns

Branded keywords refer to any keyword that features your company brand or name. It is pertinent that you invest in some PPC spend to bid on branded terms even if their organic search listings will appear anyway. This technique is proven to enhance PPC performance; you will gain more real estate within crucial search engine results pages. So, create a search network-only (separate) campaign in AdWords for branded terms. In addition, do avoid mixing brand and non-brand terms within the same campaign. You need to do this for the sake of clean data. Finally, perform tests with varying match types and try to incorporate misspellings to attract as much branded traffic as possible.

From time to time, you have to test your brand messaging. You need to check if your value proposition and brand statement translate to a search result. You may ask yourself questions such as:

  • Should I focus on different attributes of a product in-store versus online>
  • Do I need seventy characters of text?
  • Should I write a twenty-five-character headline?

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